The Champion of Pain and Suffering

Dragging my feet, I slowly managed to crawl inside the hut.
This little hut was my house.
I was the eldest daughter of the previous landlord…
Now, but a maidservant that did everything but maidservant work…
Feeding the beasts, sharpening the weapons, standing as a training dummy, as a sparring partner…
But, I was about to become 18…it will be much worse…
You might find it strange, but laws are strict in our kingdom.
Even noblemen are careful of what they do to the poor.
They can beat us, torture us, play with us, but within very well defined borders.
And when it comes to sex…
It has to be between two individuals who are at least 18, otherwise it’s a criminal act against the imperial family, and the ruling goddess of our kingdom.
So now, that I am almost at that age, men and women with a slightly better status than mine will be able to…you know…
But it’s all good…
As long as they don’t touch my younger siblings…it’s all good.
My siblings were taken in by the blacksmiths family, since they possessed godly strength from birth.
They are twin boys, 6 years younger than me, yet each towering at 1.8m, and with strength to craft immortal treasures.
But we are still too weak…
I have to protect them!
The current landlord, a noble from the imperial city would like to see them as toys, before discarding them, lest they get too strong…
But with me being an entertaining toy for him, and his family, I can buy time for the twins to grow, to mature!
The blacksmith is also a nice, stubborn elderly man, I know he will try to protect them.
But it’s not his duty, but mine!
Getting whipped, cut, undressed, doused in hot or cold water, oil, dirt.
Prohibited from wearing clothes while running errands, eating the beast food…
Anything can be endured, as long as they ignore my siblings.
And I am not a mere woman, I am also cultivating…
But it seems I am not fated to reach greatness…
As I mulled over these thoughts, I slumped into the heap of hay I called “bed”…
I already ate at the beasts’ pen, so I wasn’t hungry…
It would’ve been hard to fall asleep, as my scars were hurting, and my ankles were swollen.
But I was just too tired…
As I slept into the world of dreams, I heard a sigh.
As I struggled to open my eyes, I found myself into a hut just like mine, maybe a bit bigger.
But it was clearly not mine, since the wood was sparkling, with great vigor.
There was furniture inside, made out of spectacular materials, and there was no draught like in mine.
In front of me sat a chubby middle-aged man on a chair.
He had a kind smile, and gentle eyes.
Wearing a grey robe, he looked just like a missionary.
He sighed when he met my eyes.
“You can barely open your eyes, child…”
He said.
“Take this.”
He continued, giving me a cup of a liquid.
The liquid was orange, with a tinge of purple.
I hesitated, but I assumed this was a dream, so drank it anyway.
I drank it in one big gulp, then I felt on fire.
I gasped for air, but nothing came in.
I felt like dying…
“Resist it child, it will be done in a second.”
The man said, with a guilty smile.
And just as he finished his sentence, I coughed…
And coughed…
What I’ve coughed out…I thought will be the last things I will ever see…
But then, I took a breath and it was amazing.
I inhaled, and inhaled, and inhaled…like I could keep inhaling for minutes, that’s how I felt.
And I wasn’t tired anymore…
My wrists, knees, ankles, fingers didn’t hurt anymore…
And I could hear, and see clearly!
“Damaged lungs…heart…liver, spleen and kidneys…
It was a wonder you were still alive, and working hard, young child…”
He said, smiling brightly patting my head.
His hand was…
Big, soft and…warm…
It reminded me of my…my father’s hand…
“Who…who are you?”
I asked.
I knew now…
This wasn’t a dream.
He must be…
“I am the God of Pain and Suffering, and I think that after countless millennia, I’ve have in my sight, my 9th and final Champion.”
He said, smiling.
I gasped.
He was a Great One…serving right under one of the Overlord Goddesses, The Goddess of Fate, Fortuna…even being her most trusted general…
“Aren’t you supposed to be…
Cruel? Sadist? Even a bit…evil?”
I asked.
“If I would be like that, only the good would feel pain and suffering…
Albeit…from your perspective, that’s how it is, isn’t it?”
He said.
I gulped.
I didn’t want to offend a god, but…it did seem so.
“The Noerto clan shall face utter humiliation and destruction in roughly 8 decades, that’s 2-3 generations.”
He suddenly said.
The Noerto’s…it was the new landlords clan…
“Many nobles, merchants, rich, and strong people, especially the experts are going through pain and suffering.
My divinity concerns my master Fate itself…
But goes beyond that, causality affect me as well, and so does chaos.
I am a god of Pain and Suffering, I make sure that pain and suffering goes to those that are supposed to feel them, and that it never exceeds the limits.
And I am of a greater picture than Judgment and Justice, since I act impartially.
Good, evil, neutral, living or non-living…
They all feel my divinity, and experience it countless times.”
He continued.
I tried to say.
“You understand that by enduring you can help others and maybe even yourself.
You understand, that when you are truly tired, truly in pain…it seems like your cultivation is faster…
You understand that sometimes, pain and suffering helps…it shows that something is good, useful, working or simply…worth it…”
He smiled.
I…I nodded.
I also cultivated a body forging technique, and the tortures I go through…do help me progressing…
“But still…sometimes it feels too much.”
I said.
I said it for me, for my neighbors in the slums…for everyone.
“Yet, you mortals persevere.
That’s good, that’s really good.
That’s why I want you as my champion.”
He said.
“What…what would that entail?”
I asked.
“You will be granted a portion of my divinity.
Soulless, so it becomes yours, and grows together with you.
Also, it won’t have much to do with me afterwards, you shall pave your own path, but under my banner.
That would make you a demi-god from the get go, not strong enough yet, but stronger than most lower leveled practitioners.
You will need to sort out any problems that may occur concerning pain and suffering.
Stopping wars, famine, plagues that were artificially made.
Stopping cultivators of the good or evil faction from using the life of innocents to cultivate, this…is the bulk of your job.
And that’s it, afterwards, you just need to live your life.”
He said.
“Will my siblings be…be safe?”
I asked.
“Their fate is entangled with yours.
Albeit you don’t visit them, nor do they visit you, they saw you walking naked through the streets.
They saw you whipped, and lashed at.
They saw you being used as a horse by the children of the nobles.
Their hands are filled with scars made by their own nails.
They lips are forever hurt by their teeth.
They work harder than a hundred others, in other to save you.
Guess if your fate changes, theirs won’t?”
He said, smiling.
I teared up.
My little brothers…they saw everything…poor babies…
“Even when you were the one to suffer, you still pity your brothers…
You must accept my offer, I won’t give up.
But don’t worry, I won’t force you to accept it, but I will do annoy you until you do.”
He said, laughing, his belly jiggling.
I gritted my teeth.
“I accept it.”
I said, hoping this wasn’t but a dream.
He smiled, and caressed my cheek, and planted a kiss on my forehead.
“Henceforth, you shall bear the burden of mine, and mankind, whilst delivering corrections to the erroneous ways of mine divinity…”
He said, fading away.
I suddenly felt exhausted, and my eyelids covered my eyes, like a blanket of snow that covers everything In the winter.
Cold, and heavy…
When I woke up, I was in my hole filled, empty hut.
I giggled a bit, then sighed.
“I knew it was too good to be tr…”
I thought, but then, I felt…good.
I didn’t feel pain in my body, which was weird.
Then I looked at my feet.
Besides the fact, that my skin was unblemished, jade-like and the swelling disappeared.
There was a grey dress, with a sword and a droplet of poison over a skull on it, and a ring.
Picking up the ring, and pouring some of my energy in it, I gasped.
It had an entire village worth of space inside…
It was filled with food, water, and cultivation supplies and even some tomes were in it.
Looking at the dress, I tore off my rugged clothes, and wore the dress.
It felt…like home.
Putting the ring on, I felt…confident.
“It wasn’t a dream…”
And like an answer to that thought, I felt something.
“Northern Leslort…sudden appearance of a plague…”
This appeared in my mind.
My very first mission.
Leaving my hut, I looked towards the city.
Great commotion was heard there.
“The twins! The twins forged a true immortal treasure, it evoked lightning!
Countless sects are hurrying over to recruit them!”
The people shouted, as they ran pass me, into the city.
I laughed.
Laughed loud, clear and well.
I caressed the ring, and the symbol on my dress.
“Thank you..”
I whispered and left for my first mission.
I will surely do my best…be the best…and reunite with my siblings…
One day…
I promise…

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