It’s not easy to be a good friend

I was sipping an amazing ginger tea, feeling how it cleansed my body, as astral swords fought swarms of death mosquitoes over my head.
I sighed.
“You heroes are such pricks, hypocrites! You also do whatever you want, just in a different way!”
Alex, my best friend shouted.
“Shut the hell up, villain scum! We aren’t going around, killing whomever we want!
If we could do that, you would be dead!”
David, my other best friend answered.
“Try it, pink princess!”
Alex shouted.
David snorted, and continued to fight.
I sighed.
My house was trembling, the walls were shattered, the roof was collapsing and my TV was long gone.
“As I said, a million times, could you at least go to the backyard?
You are almost spilling my tea.”
I said.
“How can you be friends with that male ape?”
Alex asked.
“How can you be friends with that sorry excuse of a woman?”
David countered.
I shrugged.
“Both of you get me…in different ways.”
I said.
They smiled at me, then looked at each other, and continued their fight.
Thankfully, we were in my mansion, in the forest, so no neighbor was alarmed, or hurt.
The two actually have a crush on each other, but they are both socially awkward, so here it is the result.
Every single fucking time they see each other…they fight.
Also, in this superhero/villain society we live in, these two are also considered nemesis to one another, each dealing mostly with the other. (Again, because they fancy each other, and are both kind of stalkers)
After David made a cut on Alex’s costume, and her mosquitoes took a few strands of hair off of his head, they both stopped.
“Calmed down?”
I asked.
They both snorted, but sat down on both sides of the couch.
I chuckled.
Waving my hand, the house restored itself, and two more cups of tea appeared.
Chamomile and mint, their favorites.
They started to enjoy their tea, while I put on a good old classic movie.
Enemies to lovers, was the main theme of the movie as well.
We watched the movie, but they continued to stare daggers at each other.
Not that it mattered, as I could see what they tried to hide.
Alex bit her lips, when looking at David, while playing with her hair a bit, while David constantly stole glances at her legs…
“Seriously…when will you two start dating already?
It’s getting more annoying than fun to watch.”
I said.
“What? Me? With him?”
Alex said.
“What? Me? Together with someone like her?”
David asked.
But both stopped, and glanced at each other a bit.
Then both blushed, snorted, and flew away…
Destroying my roof again.
I waved my hands again, and my mansion restored itself once more.
I sighed.
“It’s not easy to be a good friend…”
I murmured, as I made a pizza box appear, and continued with watching the TV…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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