Oops! I did it again…

I was bored…again.
So, I downloaded some manuals, and learnt blacksmithing.
It was quite fascinating.
Dealing with ores, metals, materials.
Learning the different temperatures needed, the different tempo and angle of hammering, cooling.
It was a blast.
Then, I finished my first item.
A beautiful all-metal hammer.
Handle, head, everything.
It weight a few thousand tons, not that it would bother me, or anyone decent in our current world.
But the moment I felt that the hammer was finished, thunder roared outside.
I sighed, and exactly at the same time, my phone beeped.
I got a message.
“Brother, you messed up.
The gods are angry with you…again.”
The message sage.
It was from the priest of our village.
Well, our village was a bit strange.
There was more legends here, than in multiple universes, but I can’t blame them.
It’s a nice village, with amazing views.
As I thought of this, I left my home, and went to the church.
Arriving there, the priest was blazing, like a beam of light, clearly in heated discussions with multiple gods.
“Are they bothering you again?”
I chuckled.
“I wonder whose fault it is, that they send messages every year…”
He sighed.
“Let me join the conversation, let’s see what did I do this time.”
I said, slightly laughing.
He nodded, and I grabbed his shoulder.
The light now covered me as well, and I shut my eyes.
Then, I opened them in a majestic sky palace that was divided into many regions.
Each regions housed gods of different pantheons, and even those regions were further divided into main, high, mid and low ranked gods.
Long story short, thousands, if not tens of thousands of gods were all in a heated discussion.
“He created another realm stabilizing item…on a whim!
The laws of metal, fire, strength and hammers all increased by 110%, do you all know how hard it is to balance the extra divinities?
If I don’t want my followers to implode or go berserk, I need to create spirits, and even entire worlds!”
One of the main craftsman gods whined.
He was discussing this with all the related gods, like those of fire, metal, craftsmanship, war and wisdom.
“And this is not the first time…
It’s been hundred times were our conjoined few realms, whom are said to be the most stable in the great multi-verse due to the multitude of laws…has been derailed, tipped over almost by…him…”
A goddess said, pointing towards me, with disgust.
I smiled and waved at her.
The gods all scoffed.
Suddenly, they all went quiet.
The Chief gods were here.
A few dozen old timers, each rulers of their respective pantheons appeared on their mighty thrones, mounts or related objects.
“You created another object, that resonated with all the realms connected to this one…
This resulted in chaos, and uncontrollable growth…”
One of them started.
“It’s not your first offence either.
We let you take refuge in one of our most sacred, and ancient worlds.
Whilst it’s empty of energy, it’s easier to achieve enlightenment there.
And yet, after countless warnings, countless agreements, countless times we asked of you to stop…
You didn’t.”
Another continued.
“So, Sir. Meeveth, what do you have to say for yourself?”
And a third one finished.
I just shrugged.
“Oops? I did again?”
I said, and left.
Back to the real world.
The priest coughed, and collapsed.
I gave him some wine I personally brewed.
He was instantly revitalized.
Why…Why do keep doing this?”
He asked.
“I am bored…and I can.”
I said, smiling.
“Why don’t the gods just leave you be then…”
He sighed.
I patted his shoulder.
“Because they are also bored, but they can’t leave me be.”
I said, laughing.
He didn’t really understand it, but it doesn’t matter.
Not my fault they can’t handle the advancements of the laws.
On the short term, it’s extremely dangerous for them, these by-products of my activities…
But older realms would kill to host me…
Let’s see what should I create next…
Oh I know, a fishing rod…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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