Gaming….Gaming saved the world

As expected by many of us, the VR technology conquered the gaming industry.
But it didn’t stop there, and entered the medicine industry as well, especially the neurology field.
We arrived at a point where the devices were able to tune in to our natural neurological connections, and electrical charges, thus being able to make us actually feel sensations inside the virtual reality.
We achieved a point where we could actually study anything in VR, whilst our real life body would also experience the changes.
School became online only, and even going to the gym could be done online.
Of course, the gaming industry was still the biggest VR consumer.
Also, the restaurant industry got an unexpected ally like this, since while we can feel everything in VR, it’s not like we could actually make something virtual real, thus we still needed food.
So after school, gym, playing session, you name it, restaurants, eateries were flooded by hungry people.
It is amazing.
Now, people learnt at least a craft or two, while also being proficient, in a weapon or hand to hand combat, courtesy to games.
It is amazing to see lean, pale figures, erupt suddenly with martial arts moves, it’s also quite hilarious.
Also, through VR, the reproduction of the human brain and the entire body has been taken to newer heights.
Medical breakthroughs happened one after the other.
Nobody would’ve thought something related to gaming would be so helpful.
And yet, there was more to come.
Conflicts began to be solved virtually, as there was…virtually (ba-dumm-tss), no difference in conflicts happening virtually or in real life, since the VR systems could replicate the real environments with 96.99% accuracy. (if someone talks in certainties, about 100% sure things, run, they are lying.)
And that was still nothing compared to what came a decade ago.
Just as in games, portals opened up everywhere on Earth.
Strange energy seeped through this portals, changing everything.
We became livelier, smarter, healthier more spiritual…
So did everything else, animate or inanimate.
And then the planet itself started seemingly to grow.
And while all this threw us off, and for a while affected our technology (shift of magnetic fields, but we solved the problem with relative ease), new races started to pour out from those portals.
Each race was a power of its own, trying to conquer our planet for its resources.
It was considered a “seed” planet, since the energy is at its peak in the first centuries after being connected to these portals.
And will give birth to rare resources.
So, these races, already used to fighting others, have attacked us, thinking a young civilization like ours will be an easy target.
While they had both magical and scientific races amongst their lines…they underestimated us…
Now, even a youngster of 14 would know how to handle a thug or two…
And the level and standards of the soldiers and athletes is off the charts…
So, when all this started, we had a few too enthusiastic fellas who went off and got themselves killed due to being reckless. (Most of them were like me, game fanatics.)
But then, we took it easy, and smart and lo and behold…they couldn’t do a thing against us.
This scenario was so overused in games and novels, that we could predict when a higher-ranking would appear, where would their secret bases be, how would our traitors behave and so on…
In but a decade we beat them back, and started our own expansion through those gates…
It’s going great.
Everything is better, life expectancy, wages, peace, the market…the planet, and we are satisfied.
And if we aren’t satisfied here, we have countless choices from which we can choose.
Long story short: gaming saved the world, in multiple ways…
And we laugh about it, oh how we laugh…
Until we met the dreamers, whom trained in dreams, and we’ve met our match…
But that’s another story for another time…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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