The bored unmovable guardian

Chewing on some sword grass I planted, I sighed.
Looking around me, all I saw was nothingness.
In the middle of nowhere in space, I got a nice little plot of land to use as farmland, and to build myself a hut, as I guard a rift in space.
There, the idio…ahem, the organizations of my universe bounded together to exile and seal a God, whom did something bad.
What he did?
Who knows.
Rumors talk about massacring countless mortals, usurping god empires, playing the Heavens and so on…
Whatever it is, I got hired to guard him for an eternity or two, so a usual job for me.
Although, it was the first time, ever since I started working in this industry, that I’ve been told not to talk with the prisoner.
Even after telling them that I am immune to bewitching, they just had to write it in my contract…
Well, not like they can see if I talk to the prisoner or not, but I will try not to.
So, years started to pass…
1, 10, 100, 1000, 10000 and more and more…
Time trickled by like an unending stream…
And I was bored…
Destroying asteroids, space storms, stabilizing space is all fun…at first…
But you get bored…
Now even the trees I’ve grown on this plot of land could hold their own against an asteroid shower, so I can just sit and…watch the surrounding space?
And all these years, the “Hello, is anyone there?” didn’t stop coming out from the rift.
And one day, I had enough.
“Listen, young lady sounding voice, could you like stop sounding so desperate?
I doubt those geezers who would rather die than fork out a true treasure would hire me, if you wouldn’t be a true danger to them…
So drop the innocent act.”
I said to the rift.
And then, the voice stopped, before giggling could be heard.
“So, they hired a guardian.”
The female voice said.
“Wow, you must be a genius!”
I said.
“Sarcasm shouldn’t be used carelessly, you might hurt someone.”
The female voice said.
“Yeah, but I don’t worry about hurting you.”
I said.
“Because I am a big bad woman, who deserves to suffer?”
She asked with a pitiful voice.
“Nah, I don’t know who or what are you, other than the fact that you are a prisoner that didn’t go mad at all in countless years.
You aren’t a weakling.”
I said, chomping down on a fruit.
“Was that the sound of you chewing?”
She asked.
“Yep, dragon blood fruit, grown on my farm, want some?”
I said, continuing to eat.
“You would do that for me?”
She asked.
“For you? No.
But I don’t mind sharing my crops, they are really good.”
I said.
“Sure. Please throw me a few of your fruits.”
She said, voice filled with desire, even gulping.
“Being hungry, is pretty bad.”
I said, throwing down a dozen or so different fruits into the rift.
Then…nothing, but silence, before a loud laughter resounded in the surroundings.
The rift opened more and more, and out came a young lady.
She was completely naked, with a head full of flaming hair.
With a prideful and mocking smile, she looked at me.
“Thanks for the fruits, they were really, really good…
Gained back more than half of my strength.”
She said, striking a pose.
“Like what you see?”
She asked.
“Those geezer are really cheapskates, they didn’t even get you clothes…”
I said, sighing and shaking my head.
“I knew someone will guard me, but they really hired someone enigmatic…
It seems as if you are but a mortal…”
She said, as her eyes sparked like stars.
“I am sorry…but I will have to kill you…”
She continued, as she gestured, and fire started to burn around us.
I shrugged, raised one of my hands, and pushed downwards.
A huge palm appeared over her, pushing her back into the rift effortlessly.
Then I tightened my grip, closing the rift, squishing it to its original size.
“What was that…”
She asked again from the rift.
“Oh, I forgot, here take this.”
I said, as I threw some woman clothing to her.
It was supposed to be a gift to my sister, but oh well, I can’t let a young lass be naked forever…
“Who are you?”
She asked, with annoyance.
“Your guardian…”
I said, rolling my eyes.
“I ate stars, and fooled entire civilizations!
I created universes, and destroyed others with a blink of my eye!
I refuse to believe that I was defeated by a mere guardian.”
She said.
“Suit yourself, you have time to think it over.”
I said, shrugging.
I was hired to stand here guard, not to move until they say so.
I was bored, but soon, my trees should be able to start talking, so I won’t be alone…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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