Nobody would believe it

Our society reached its peak, when it happened.
Scientist still argue over the reasons, be it natural mutations, mutations due to the devices used on the planet, mutations to the radiations brought back from stellar expeditions, but one thing is true.
Superpowers became widespread.
With that came many issues.
How can one properly raise a toddler which can move houses with its breath?
How can one stop a thief that can teleport or fly at the speed of light?
How can one stop someone who can be killed by the explosion of a white-dwarf?
Well, you can’t.
So we took our bets on something ethereal: faith, faith in good people.
We used to call them superheroes in our stories, and we still used that moniker after they became real.
Did they do it due to true selflessness? Out of pride? Arrogance? The need for attention? Money? Fame?
We didn’t know, nor did we care.
They dealt with those who wanted chaos, who wanted to do whatever they wanted.
So, the governments, together with the superheroes, created a rather stable, peaceful environment for the rest of us, whom awakened powers not that useful.
And as it is in all fields, there were prodigies, monstrous talents here as well.
A supervillain that could make dreams come true, create something from nothing.
A supervillain that could mind control people, plant little seeds in their minds, and clone themselves like that.
And many more.
Superheroes were the same, but thankfully, there was one who was shining brightly, even among this pack of stars…
It was AllEve, coming from all and everything, a superhero woman whom was unstoppable.
She moved planets, stars and created colonies all across the known universe.
Villains on our mother planet moved out, when the news reported that she was nearby.
As simple as that.
She had super strength, speed, endurance, intelligence.
She had telekinesis, matter manipulation and creation, duplication powers and many more.
She was truly god-like…
But contrary to everyone else, she was a mystery.
You see, since it was normal for one to have powers, we already devised ways to estimate a baby’s potential talent, and potential mutations that can birth different powers.
Thus, while it was all nice with nicknames and fancy group names, there was no such as secret identity.
The governments had records, and in the rare case someone developed in a way that wasn’t estimated, they could still find out their true identity after a thorough investigation.
Exception to this was AllEve, the godlike woman.
Nobody knew her true identity, her weaknesses, her true power, her limits…
They knew she had long red hair, pale skin, and green eyes.
But she wore a suit that covered her face, and body, leaving only her arms and legs naked to the eyes.
The suit itself was black and red, colors that were good to draw attention.
And her overwhelming strength, made it quick to deal with problems.
Same way, it made it look easy, thus making it hard to estimate her limits…
Such a woman was truly a great mystery…
What makes her tick? What makes her selflessly save billions if not trillions?
What makes her go all out of her way to help other galactic races as well?
Well…she’s just bored…
And if she’s bored, she’s just like now.
Looking at her, sitting on the couch, in an oversized hoodie and nothing more, covered with snack crumbles, chocolate spots, soft drink spots, and the entire living room looking like a battalion of teenagers just finished a D&D session of 2 weeks.
“Honeyyyyy, I can’t reach the remote…Throw it to me pleaseeeee, I want to watch something else…”
As I was contemplating, she shouted to me.
I chuckled, and gave her the remote…which was on the table…in front of her.
“If I told you there was an urgent matter you need to attend, would you shower and change?”
I asked.
“It’s a lieee, now come, sit here, we need to finish our Classics marathon, it’s Harry Potter night baby…”
She said, throwing to the floor a ton of snack bags, chocolate wrappers, and patted the sticky couch.
I sighed, and sat down next to her.
“Come inside the hoodie, there is still place.”
She said.
I shook my head, and entered the hoodie.
It was as warm as always…
You see, nobody knows her true identity, weaknesses and powers…
Nobody, but me…
Her husband…
I would tell the world…
But my neighbors know her as the clumsy housewife, who is struggling to keep the flowers alive…
Whose windows are always opened when cooking, and black smoke is rising…
Whose taking care of her kids with great delight, but sometimes it looks like she’s having more fun with the games than her kids…
I would tell the world…
But nobody would believe it…
And I like it that way.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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