This was not how it was supposed to go

Strange things started to happen, but we kind of shrugged them off.
People started to awaken powers, the Earth itself changed, you know the usual “Doomsday preparation 101 for dummies.” things.
And then, after a year or two, portals appeared.
Guess what?
Monsters and demons poured out, like ants from their hill.
But after an initial shock, that sadly resulted in a relatively high number of casualties, we started to fight them back, and with relative ease.
Despite the fact that they’ve outnumbered us a million to one or even more, we handled them fairly well.
It was…sad and amusing at the same time.
I have awakened a nature talent. (basically, raising trees, herbs, flowers easily, while also being able to talk with animals and even beasts.)
My wife awakened a lightning talent. Basically she’s female Zeus, blasting lightning bolts, and high-voltage electricity.
Let’s just say that we’ve been nicely kept in a HQ like fortress, I’ve been raising natural defenses, growing crops and animals, whilst my wife was used as a living battery.
Sometimes she was sent to the frontlines, but usually it was the military who was there and not us, the civilians.
On that note, the governments, especially the military’s reaction was swift, serious and ordered.
They were quick to gather us, and instruct us, and they were going all-out even on the lowest ranked monsters and demons.
And they never ever lowered their guards…not even after we’ve been winning, again and again.
Really proud of those fellow humans, really awesome.
Especially since their powers/talents are really war-orientated.
The demons and monsters although were losing left and right, they still managed to develop cities right outside the portals.
It took us a decade to beat them all back, to their cities, and a few more years to siege them.
As we beat them again and again, and they started to retreat into the portal, they were outraged.
They shouted.
“You were mere mortals, unaccustomed to the higher energy, and the moment the energy started to bathe you all in itself, we appeared!
With centuries, millennia worth of experience handling, using the energy to evolve…
They exclaimed.
All they got was a rain of attacks, both mechanical and magical.
It wasn’t that hard to engineer the new source of energy into our technology, a few smart ones found it actually rather easy, as they’ve toyed with their idea long ago.
And hearing the invaders words, I chuckled, and my wife laughed out loud, whilst throwing some lightning towards them.
“Look at these fools, darling, thinking this is something special.”
She said.
“It was at first, and half a billion people died…
But then, we just read a book or two, watched a cartoon or two, and knew what to do…”
I said, sighing.
It wasn’t as it was in the books and stories, not 100% the same…but it was similar.
It was supposed to be a cruel fight, where we almost die, and long after humanity became history, a small human kid should’ve risen to power, becoming a great hero…
Well, this is not a story, and the demons were right.
This is not how it was supposed to go, but it did, and I am happy with the outcome.
Afterwards, I went on a pilgrimage, restoring the forests of our planet, whilst my wife was thinking about how to use natural lightning, and not her own…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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