A new job opportunity?

Well, what else I can say at first, but that…it sucks?
I mean, I somehow died, and ended up in Hell.
Should I cheer or something?
Both the fact that I died, and that I arrived in Hell should be devastating.
But it’s not like how I imagined it.
As I died, a sweet voice said: “Welcome to hell.”
And as I opened my eyes, I found myself in a nice office, sitting on a really cool, purple couch.
In front of me, on a coffee table laid a tray with snacks and coffee, tea, and cappuccino.
In front of the table stood a nice looking young woman, albeit she had bright red skin color, and black horns, and a cute little tail.
She was the one who welcomed me.
I murmured, and turning my head around the office, besides the shelves with books, and amazing ancient furniture, I saw a window.
Outside, the sky was red and so was the ground.
Tall dark trees rose from it, and small streams of lava or fire were flowing everywhere.
“Indeed. Hell. Take a moment to accommodate to this thought.
You may scream, smash the table, break the window, whatever eases yourself.”
She said smiling.
Her voice was…soothing.
“Your voice is your power?”
I asked.
“Sharp, but no.
It’s pheromones, my fragrance can excite or calm people.”
She giggled.
“A succubus?”
I asked.
“Sort of, more like a different tribe of the same bigger species…
Hell is a bit more complicated than how you humans see it.”
She giggled, covering her mouth.
She was one feisty little one.
I nodded.
I’ve been quite old…at the time of my death, this makes me flabbergasted, and shaky…
But, at least it’s not nothing…
We waited a bit in silence, when someone else came in.
It was a handsome middle-aged man, in a fine azure striped suit, with golden eyes, and golden horns.
“Evening, gentleman, Sophia.
How is it going?”
He said, sitting down next to me.
“Duke of Hell, I presume?”
I asked.
“A duke of Hell, quite informed are we now, hmm.
Sophia, you talked a bit more this time?”
He said, with a smirk.
The young woman, just smiled.
“No Sir.
This new soul is sharper than the usual, as expected from a recommendation.”
She said.
I tilted my head.
“Well, Heaven sent you here, after knowing that we are understaffed.
It is like an indirect recommendation like :”take this, he be good.””
The man shrugged.
“So, is this a job interview?”
I asked.
“Yes, I’ve got an amazing job opportunity for you.”
The man said.
“Okay, I am officially intrigued.”
I said, laughing a bit.
A job in Hell, this has to be something new.
“It’s nothing much, but proper souls that can handle transformation to higher-leveled demons, whom are responsible of the normal souls here are rare…
So we are understaffed, as the multi-verse is preparing for a big storm, and the number of deaths is and will continue to rise.
So, we would like to hire you, as an inquisitor.
Nothing much to do, but roam Hell (which is boring as Hell, since Hell is endless), and check on the torturer, tortured, sinners and usually the normal demon clans, and ensure everything is in order.”
The duke said.
I asked.
“Yeah, if you accept our offer, we will bathe you in hell-fire, which will completely purify your soul.
It’s a controlled operation, but it will be painful.
Your human bloodline will be awakened or erased, and you will gain a demon bloodline as well.
Stronger your soul is, the more you resist the pain, higher chances of getting an amazing bloodline.
Just a warning, for you 1 second or 1 minute would still seem like an eternity…so decide well.
This is not forced, worst case scenario, you can work like this as well, but nobody would listen to you.”
The duke shrugged.
“Ahem, Sir means that power is everything here.
After the procedure, you will get a technique and an art from Hell itself, as it recognizes you as one of its “children”.
The technique will help you refine the hellish energy that is everywhere, whilst the art will help you control it.
Think of it like your cultivation stories from Earth.”
Sophia chimed in.
“I am in.”
I said, after a while.
“Good, Sophia shall take care of everything.”
The duke said, as he vanished.
Sophia just smiled, and brought out some contracts.
It was as they said, so I signed without a worry.
I’ve been then led to a fire-pit, where I thought I will die.
After what seemed as eternity, I was ejected from the pit.
“Well, I be damned, well I am, but still…
Sophia said, whistling.
I realized I was naked, and subconsciously waved my hand, as fire engulfed me, and a hoodie, and sweatpants appeared on me.
“That was…”
I murmured.
“The art.
It’s a high level one, since it can reproduce with energy proper objects.”
Sophia said, almost…enviously.
I looked at my hand, and they were the same.
I checked my head, and there was no horn.
“Am I…a demon?”
I asked.
“Yes. No external sign of demonhood appears only on Prince/Princesses or higher leveled bloodlines.
You Sir. have awakened a bloodline close to the 7.”
She said.
I became a demon of wrath…”
I said.
“Yes, that’s why you are calm now, without any emotions.”
She said.
And she was right, everything I felt before…faded.
“So…my wrath erupts when I want to, and is totally controllable, but it dwarfs most other emotions…”
I said.
“Of course.
I said, Hell is much more complicated as you thought.
Gluttony demons aren’t constantly eating, albeit it helps them.
Succubus’ aren’t always lust driven, and wrath demons aren’t berserkers all the time.”
She giggled.
I nodded, and started laughing.
I die, and go to hell, and instead of eternal torture…
I get a new job opportunity…
How fickle fate is.
“Let’s go, show me what I will have to do…”
I said, as Sophie nodded, and led the way…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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