Cosmic Bean

“Cosmic Bean” the name of the most expensive coffee shop in the multi-verse.
The coffee beans here are burnt cores of stars and planets, or sometimes special living beings.
The tea is made out of the leaves of eternal trees that support reality and illusions as well.
The milk is the one made by the very first cow.
The water is taken from the river of stars, whilst everything else is of the same quality.
The building itself is indestructible, or at least, nobody and nothing succeeded in destroying it yet.
It’s location, is at the deepest point of the Pacific Ocean, on planet Earth.
Well, you can take this description, with a pinch of salt, after all…I am the one who’s describing it.
And well…I am it’s owner.
The clientele is also quite distinguished.
Old ones, outer ones, gods, demi-gods, monsters, warlocks and anything that wouldn’t really fit in in the normal world.
It is quite a strange clientele, but it’s amazing.
And sorry, but I am also not a normal human being, but that’s not an issue.
Why is not an issue?
Because I said so.
Even now, I am cleaning everything, putting down the chairs, and waiting for the regulars to come.
Opening the door, I saw that two figures were already walking towards the shop under the dark waves of the sea floor.
By the way, while I can see them, but there is no light under here, just the neon sign of my shop.
“Dreamer, Abyss, you two are the first ones today as well.”
I said, as I welcomed them in.
“Owner, your coffee and ambience of the shop is the only one that can sooth our wrath, of course we rush here.”
Dreamer said.
“Otherwise, who knows what war we shall start.”
Abyss chimed in.
I chuckled, starting to prepare their usual orders.
Afterwards, more and more customers came in.
I greeted each individually, chatting a bit with them about their lives.
They are great beings, that terrify many universes, but in their soul, they also need a bit of peace, a place to rest.
Even those that feed on chaos and war.
Because there is a need for balance.
Not even them can go for countless eternities on a single thought.
And this is where they can get that peace.
In my little place.
Cosmic bean, a coffee a shop for those who want to relax, but can’t anywhere else in the universe.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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