Not a coincidence anymore

Look at me.
One of the eldest reaper’s in Death’s service, waiting for a high-schooler to arrive home.
Not for any of the usual reasons, it’s not an inspection of a future soul nor am I here to reap his soul.
But it’s much, much more infuriating.
Imagine, this pup being born less than 2 decades ago, and suddenly, the death rate soars up.
And since it’s my area that he has been born in, it was my workload that suddenly increased.
I said nothing, thought nothing for the first few years.
Then, he left for another middle school in another zone of my area, and bam, same thing starts happening.
High school? Same thing.
And after I was certain that it was him, I went up to meet him.
That was a year ago.
He didn’t even wait until I dispelled my invisibility, he could already see me…
That was another giveaway that he wasn’t a normal mortal.
Once, it might be a coincidence, even twice…
But hundreds if not thousands of times…it’s not a coincidence anymore…
But when I asked him about all of it, he just shrugged, and smiled.
He was more interested in asking about history, and asking my help for homework, rather than talk about the supernatural.
But this ends now…
It’s been but a few years shy of 2 decades, and the deaths accumulated in a weird manner are in the thousands…
Spread across a huge metropolis indeed, but still, they weren’t in the book until the last minutes before their death…so it was out of order.
I entered his room, and waited.
Soon, steps could be heard, coming up the stairs.
Opening the door, this pup of a kid, entered, looked at me, threw his backpack near his desk, and sat down at it, starting to play on his computer.
I waited, and waited.
Now, he was truly just mocking me.
“Kid, it’s time to talk.”
I said.
“About what Auntie? History? Geography? Mythology? Maybe math?”
He smiled, turning around.
“Kid, I don’t get it how you can see me, or how your aura is simply inexistent, yet pressuring, even for me.
But…the death toll is getting to high.
Ever since your birth, people whom you just smiled at, experienced trials, because it wasn’t just misfortune.
For those who succeeded in weathering the storm, they actually got huge windfalls…
But there are just too many…too many victims…”
I sighed.
“You are a reaper, what’s that to you?”
He smirked.
“I am a reaper of souls, bound to apprehend and protect the souls of the deceased…
But even amongst the many laws of the universe, Life and Death is highly ordered and impartial.
And these deaths…weren’t planned not unplanned, for random deaths to occur is normal, but not with this high rate.”
I said.
“You really want to know why this is happening?”
He asked.
I nodded, and rolled my eyes.
“I know who I am.”
He said.
I said.
“I am a protagonist…and I want to…keep those truly close to me alive.”
He said.
And I sighed.
So that was it, I should’ve known it from the first signs…but it’s rare…
“Earth is changing?”
I asked.
He nodded.
“And you were born with this knowledge?”
I continued.
He nodded once more, whilst smiling wryly.
“Going to ask a few of my sisters to come help me…
Earth is going to make us really busy…
Good luck and…I am sorry.”
I said, leaving.
He just smiled.
“See you next time.”
He said.
I waved back to him…
After all, it’s so lucky and unlucky to be the protagonist…
It was truly not a coincidence, for all those weird things to happen…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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