The powers and burdens of a name

The fae are a race filled with myriad tribes, each as unique as one can get.
The humans were always somewhat skeptical, somewhat afraid, somewhat curious about the world of the fae.
But the fae only had one feeling towards the humans: pity.
Pity for their short lives, pity for their desire to complicate things, pity for they were their prey.
And there was a kind of fae that was really feared in both worlds, as it could steal one’s name.
You see, a name has powers over what it describes, as it is an amalgamation of one’s very being, or at least, its description.
In the same way, stealing one’s name, not only gives the fae power and control over the individual, but also steals the fortune and misfortune related to the name, and even its destiny.
And since these fae could still names from both humans and fae, from living and unliving, they were feared and hated by all, yet still respected.
Respected, because they had their own laws, their tribesmen being able to steal one name in a century, no less no more.
And they always carried out the name’s true destiny, as to not to upset the general balance of everything.
So despite being hated and feared, despite being scheming and thieves, they were still somewhat…honorable.
But today, a certain individual of this fae tribe, made the wrong choice.
After scouring the planet for 99 years, she has finally found someone worthy enough to be her prey.
She has found a regular middle-aged man, sitting alone in a park, playing chess with whomever sat in front of him.
He was there daily, so he was determined, and persistent.
Also, he had a faint aura that the fae perceived as great fortune.
She almost drooled when she saw it, and seeing how it was almost 100 years passed and she had yet to choose, she decided that he will do it.
Her ambitions were sky-piercing, and her greed for a good name was peerless even amongst the many members of her tribe.
Her plan was simple.
One day, early in the morning, dressed as a charming young woman, she stepped up to the table, the man was sitting at.
“Can we play?”
She asked, smiling.
“Of course.”
The man said.
She sat down, arranging her pieces, and so did he.
They started to play, and at one point, their hands slightly touched.
She smirked.
That was the moment she stole his name.
She felt at first the power of the name, its destiny, its fortune.
Then she felt control, control over the man in front of her.
She wanted to smirk, for she gained a valuable subordinate, but looking at the man, all she saw was an emotion she and her kind knew very well.
The man simply sighed.
The fae wanted to ask him what he was sighing for, but the moment she tried to open her mouth, only a slight gasp escaped.
Her 7 orifices started to slightly bleed, and she felt like she held the skies on her shoulders.
The bench underneath her even started to crack, and so did her bones.
The man simply sighed once more, and put his hand on her shoulder.
The pressure lessened, but it was still just barely bearable.
“W-w-w-w-who are you.”
The fae asked.
“As of a few minutes ago…nobody.
Thank you and I am sorry.”
He said, leaving with his chess set.
The fae tried to say something, but she was still unused to the pressure.
She was so wrong…
So wrong…
The destiny of the man didn’t shine so brightly, just like a beacon, for no reason…
It shone so brightly, because it was covered in a near invisible dark burden…
Burden that now…fell upon her.
The name she took…
The name she took can’t be pronounced without heavenly anger to be incited…
She laughed.
“What luck…”
She murmured, slightly worried, but more than ever motivated to prove herself…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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