Interesting discovery

I’ve always been a rather average guy.
Nothing much going on with me, other than being good at studying and at drawing.
Architecture was a sure-way for me to do what I like and also get properly paid, but it’s not like I haven’t had side hustles, drawing things I truly love, like fantasy settings, and creatures.
But there was and is something…peculiar about me.
I would call it a blessing, because in my opinion is, but compared to what the characters in stories have, it’s rather…dull.
If I look at a person, I can tell how much connection they have with me.
This means, how favorable they view me, how likely they are to help me, how likely it is that we can be friends and so on…
This works on strangers as well, but there the only thing I see is a percentage, that represents the likelihood of befriending the other person.
If I would need to fight someone, this power would be pretty much useless, but here in real life…this skill is priceless.
I know who should I trust, who should I try to befriend, who could help me and so much more.
It takes out a bit out of life itself, indeed, but it’s working, albeit it’s a double-edged sword.
It’s hard for me to trust someone who’s readings aren’t showing a trustworthy level…
Same way with dating…
After all, just because we are statistically compatible…doesn’t mean we will go well together, once dating.
I’ve burnt myself a few times, and in recent years, I’ve focused on working.
But today…going to work, I’ve noticed something interesting.
One of my colleagues, Anna, appeared blank.
Well, not her, but when I was looking at her, nothing appeared…
It was weird…
Even in a crowded place, like a concert or festival, I could see everyone’s stats, in a weird way, directly in my brain. (it is tiring, and also painful when that happens.)
But now, nothing appeared…
Especially since I think I know her for years and years now…
Wait…do I really know her?
Why do I feel like she’s been always her, being an average co-worker, and a friendly person, but nothing more.
And why does this feel so wrong.
I guess I was staring a bit too much at her, since she turned around and locked gazes with me.
She stared at me for a bit and smirked.
I don’t know when or how, but by the time I blinked once, she was in front of me.
“Trying to read my soul, are we now?”
She said, smiling.
“What are you talking about?”
I asked.
“Seems like my spell is wearing off…
You awakened a soul related talent, not bad.
Your soul itself is pretty pure and strong…
Good, a good seedling.”
She said, putting her hand on my shoulder.
Before I could say anything, we were already flying amongst the stars…
After a while, I sighed.
“What’s going on?”
I asked.
“You are worthy to embark on the path of cultivation, you almost can be said to be talented.”
She laughed, and then proceeded to ignore me.
As I saw light flashing by us, that I could more or less identify as stars and planets, I smiled a bit.
I was terrified, my entire body shaking, but this…
This should be really interesting…a new life…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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