Silly Secret Identities

I have a bunch of lovely friends.
It’s true that they laugh at me, and are smug due to a certain information, but they still are lovable.
After all…
We take care of each other, in our own way.
So there is no point being angry about their remarks or subtle stabbings with thorny words.
But I feel that it’s rather cute.
They feel a tad bit, unconsciously, I would say, superior to me.
Well, they think they are superior, because they’ve all been chosen by fate to do something.
And for a reason or another, they know of each other’s secret identities, and are trying to protect me, keeping it hidden from me.
One of them is a Vampire Hunter, the other a Ghost Hunter, one of them is a Demon Sealer, and the last one is a Godly Envoy.
Each with their own little cute tasks.
The Vampire Hunter is the best I would say, at least concerning the entertainment value for me, after all, my neighbor is a millennia old vampire queen, and he has yet to realize it.
Not going to lie, she’s a really good liar though, and skilled with make-up.
The Ghost Hunter is pretty funny, since she can see ghosts, hear them, and even touch them, but she never actually sent a ghost to the other side.
She mostly…convinced the ghosts to change (this means that the ghosts started to behave differently, but still on Earth) or out-right eradicated them.
The Demon Sealer was the cockiest and funniest, since he was usually only strengthening ages old seals, I doubt he ever applied a seal of his own on a stronger demon than a hell-rabbit.
The Godly Envoy was a busy body in the normal life as well, but he was chosen to be a messenger and negotiator for and with the Gods.
Oh, the many events where he had to do some silly trials in order for the gods to listen to him, so amusing.
Ah, they all are working hard to keep a certain balance in the mortal world, is so nice to have such friends…
Even though they try to distance themselves from me, they are doing it for my own good.
It’s cute, to have such friends.
Especially since they really think, I would be in danger.
After all, all these silly secret identities they have…I have my own.
Caretaker of the Old Ones and Outer Gods, basically the Eldritch horrors are under my jurisdiction.
I help them wake up, gather a bit of dream or soul juice for them, without erasing entire universes, and then lull them into sleep once more.
I take care of their kids, grandkids, and from time to time, repair the damage they do, whilst trashing around in their sleep.
Quite a good job, a tad bit boring, but rewarding, since I can live entire lives in their dreams, gather various methods to enhance myself, so it’s all good.
It’s really laughable if you think about…
I am right now, somewhat indirectly, whining about my friends secrets and their most likely unconscious superiority…
When I do the same thing…
Well, it makes sense if we are all somewhat hypocrites, after all, we are friends, am I right?

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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