A seemingly common quest

Entering the tree’s hollow, it seemed I entered a whole new world.
It was an endless hallway, with walls filled with paintings and carvings, whilst the path was surrounded by endless flower gardens.
Walking for a good stretch of time, I was finally let into the throne hall.
There, upon a throne of thorns, thistles and aged wood sat a young looking man.
With a pale complexion, freckles and a crown of living fire, he was one of the eldest, and strongest Fae kings.
“Your Highness.”
I said, bowing, in the middle of the hall.
“You may come closer.”
He said.
His voice was gentle, yet irrefutable.
I approached the throne, and stopped still ways away from him, yet the pressure was something…drowning.
“Good, you didn’t faint, like the other so called “heroes.”
The Fae king said.
“I am afraid, I am  not worthy of being called by such a title, your Highness…
I am but a wandering practitioner, who happens to like helping now and then.”
I said.
“False modesty still counts as modesty for you humans, right?”
The Fae king laughed.
I just smiled wryly.
“Look, wandering practitioner, I have a quest for you.”
He continued.
I forced myself not to roll my eyes at the obvious statement.
“I would be happy to help your Highness with anything within my capabilities.”
I said.
“There are four flowers, needed to be plucked by a human’s hands.
One in the lands of the Netherworld, the flower of the Bright Day it is called.
One in the lands of the 9 suns, the flower of Evernight it is called.
One in the lands of the Demonic Buddha, the flower of Awaited Dawn, it is called.
And lastly, one in the lands of the Immortality Bridge, the flower of Fleeing Dusk, it is called.”
The Fae king said.
I sighed at this.
“One is the land of the Dead, the other in the land of everything flame and light related.
The 3rd one is in the lands of those who walk the thin line between evil and good, constantly on the verge of madness, and greatness at the same time.
And the last one…The last one is in the lands of those who vie for good fortune with the Heavens themselves…”
I said.
“And you’ve been in all of these places, we’ve found your traces, no point in denying it.”
The Fae king said.
“Didn’t meant to, it’s just being there, I know that the laws of the places are…strict.
So, there is another set of information, before I can start my journey.”
I said.
“So you accept?”
He raised an eyebrow.
“If there is enough information, I will try my best.”
I said.
“Your required payment?”
He suddenly asked.
“A piece of land in your territory…
I wish to retire…”
I said.
Now, for the second set of information:
The Bright Day flower can be picked only in the darkest hour, whilst wearing gloves woven from the silk of a 9 legged Hell-born spider.
The Evernight flower can be picked only when it’s being burned by the fire of a Divine Dragon, with no artificial elements nearby. Yes, most likely it means to be naked.
The Awaited Dawn flower can be only picked when hope is at its highest, with hands washed by the tears of a Unicorn.
And lastly, the Fleeing Dusk flower, can only be picked when the sun is at its peak, and whilst standing on your hands, and it must be caught and tied first.”
The Fae King said.
Not the weirdest requirements for legendary items.
Nor the weirdest quest I’ve been sent on, after all…I do have some special skills…
Good thing they know them, from what I’ve heard, these flowers were never able to be harvested.
“About the items…”
I started, but the king just waved his hand, throwing a ring at me.
Looking inside it, it was as spacious as a small kingdom.
Inside it, there was a glamorous 9-colored pair of gloves, a vial with the tears of the Unicorn I guessed seeing it’s purity.
A furnace emitting an almost unbearable heat, with the fire of the Divine Dragon, and a rope mostly made by the tendons of a dragonoid.
“The rest of the riddle like requirements…I will work them out.
I will be back in most likely a century or so.”
I said, bowing to the Fae king.
He just nodded.
Thus I started my journey.
I was proficient in spatial laws, thus the travelling was fast, at first, but after arriving at my destinations, started the information gathering.
For the king never told me about their location, not because he forgot, but because it wasn’t necessary.
All these flowers are legendary, and I’ve heard about them, even…even wrote about them, most likely why I was chosen.
And these flowers manifest in different areas, of the endless regions they reside in.
But it didn’t take me long to find the first flower, the Bright Day flower inside the Netherworld.
Hiding my aura from the undead, I quickly managed to pick the flower, with a good amount of soil, and planted it inside the ring.
The disappearance of the legendary, un-harvestable flower was a trigger, that awoke a swarm of wraiths, skeletons, zombies, ghouls, a few thousand bone dragons, and even a dozen liches started to wander around looking for whoever took it.
Thankfully, I am quite unnoticeable.
The second flower, on the other hand was harder to be approached, as it perched itself upon a rock inside a deep cave, that was inhabited by several thousand tribes…
Also, as soon as anything not naturally born approached it…it would turn ethereal…
So the naked part was right.
I sighed, and undressed myself.
Seeing a naked woman, might make people try to do something untold, but as I said…I am quite unnoticeable.
But the flower on fire, with the fire being divine in nature?
Quite the beacon.
After harvesting the Evernight flower, I was chased, and almost killed more than a dozen times.
But in the end, I escaped, albeit the gazes of some individuals, made me frown in disgust.
The third flower, the Awaited Dawn was in a secluded area, so I was lucky, since no Ashura nor Buddha, nor both has established settlements near it.
I made a simple contraption, a burning rope, that will release a vial of antidote at the right moment.
What is the antidote for?
Well, it’s for the deadly poison I just took, before washing my hands in tears of an Unicorn.
As I felt my insides turning into soup, and my mind losing focus, I gazed above me, where the vial was slowly…turning.
At the moment where I felt like I was already dead, I saw the vial turning completely over, and the antidote pouring out…
Just before the first droplet touched my tongue, my hands already uprooted the flower, and planted it in the ring.
Hope that I will survive…was at its highest.
The last flower was the most troublesome…Fleeing Dusk.
Beside the fact that all these flowers were divine in nature, enchanting, and alluring so everyone wrecked their brains to monopolize them…
This one, liked to tease people…so it was running around the lands…with a horde of greedy people after it, whom were trying their luck.
I joined them, and befriended the first few fastest ones, accompanying them for years…
Also, I never lost to them in speed, even though I was running on my hands…
That was one of the things that made them respect, and yet avoid me…
Although, some tried to court me, without success, obviously.
When they finally let their guard down, I grabbed the dragon tendon with my mouth, bounded the flower, picked up with my feet, somersaulted whilst planting it in the special ring, before running away.
I’ve been chased out of those lands, almost right into the territory of the Fae king.
Roughly, 94 years after I’ve started this journey, I was lead to the throne room once more.
The Fae king, didn’t age a day…not that I did…
“Your Highness…”
I said, taking out the four flowers.
Obviously, the ring was mine to keep, it was too fancy.
The moment I took out the flowers, they started to levitate.
The king, whose emotions were hard to be grasped usually, was clearly…emotional.
Slowly standing up, he got closer to the flowers.
As he gently caressed their petals, he murmured.
“Welcome home…my daughters…”
As he said that, the flowers burst out into a brilliant, blinding light.
When I could open my eyes properly once more, there were 4, mesmerizing women in front me.
One was tall, lean with long hair as black as the night, she used to be the Bright Day flower.
The second, was even taller, bulkier with long beautiful silver hair, she used to be the Evernight flower.
The third one, was of an average height, with short, spiky hair of the brightest white, she used to be the Awaiting Dawn flower.
And the last one was the tallest, and thinnest, with long red hair on one side, and shaved on the other, she used to be the Fleeing Dusk flower…
All wore impressive dresses, made out of leaves and petals, thorns and roots.
They all hugged the Fae King, crying their eyes out.
“You are finally home…
The curse is lifted…
By a life born as death, by a light born a shadow…”
He said the last line, looking at me.
I just smiled, and left.
As I was leaving, a courtier gave me a map, and deeds to a land.
I retired there, and started to research the laws on a deeper level.
Sadly, not even a day into my retirement, four blazing stars knocked on my door…

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