The One for Medusa

It’s been many years, since the creation of the universe, and many individuals, entities and deeds, became nothing more than legends.
But even now, in the modern world, they still exist, cohabitating with the current stage’s actors.
This was true for Medusa as well, a Gorgon, an entity whose gaze could petrify the soul of those who stared in her eyes.
Which was a cruel joke, since her eyes were like the starry sky, twinkling with silvery lights, on a dark-blue background.
Thankfully, humans, the main actors of today’s stage, invented something called contact lenses, which helped her dampen her powers and also look “normal”.
And her hair, that was formed by well, truthfully, her hair was indeed alive, and could transform into snakes, and preferred to take on the form of snakes of different species, but, it can be controlled to be more or less normal hair for a period of time. (albeit, the snakes make a fuss if it’s too long.)
But her life was hard.
She was by nature lazy, and cold, but extremely beautiful.
She attracted men and women alike, like honey did with insects.
But none could stand her gaze too much…
Despite her gaze’s power being dampened by the lenses, people still felt stiff, cold, and uneasy in her presence…
Luckily, jobs were plenty for her since she was talented in anything she started.
Investing, flipping houses, evaluating the value of different objects, she has been doing a lot of things.
She also takes care of other Greek mythos members, mostly creatures and demigods, as her relationship with gods is…awkward.
She has a nice penthouse, in the middle of a busy city, yet she’s always…alone.
“Sis, you should totally start dating again, humans are resilient nowadays.”
Carol said.
She was a Stymphalian Bird, and had her own nail salon. (the nails done by her were majestic, and extremely durable.)
“Stop it, Rol-rol, you know how the dates go…”
Medusa said, sighing, and taking off the towel from her head.
Snakes started to wriggle around, enjoying the nice humid air inside the penthouse.
“Look, you are hot, like really really hot. And smart, and mature, there is not a man whom could say no to you.”
Carol said, whistling as she looked at Medusa in a bathrobe, albeit, avoiding her gaze.
“Yeah, for simple carnal desires sure, but those aren’t my goal…
Once burnt, twice shy, you know the saying.”
Medusa shook her head.
You were young sis, but now it’s different!
Also, my flock found a really interesting human, he has no smell!”
Carol exclaimed.
Medusa raised an eyebrow.
The Stymphalian birds can feel the auras of the soul, and they each have a different way of doing so.
Carol’s flock, uses their smell, and each soul depending on its origin and quality has a different smell.
“Also, also, he’s really, really handsome!”
She continued.
Medusa giggled.
“This is the main reason, you are promoting him so well, right?”
Medusa said, pinching Carol’s cheek.
“Hehe, sis, you deserve such a man!
It’s been millennia for you already…
It’s time to settle and have your own nest!”
She said.
Medusa giggled, pinching her cheeks again.
“What can a nestling like you know about that!”
Medusa said.
“Oww, sis, I am not a nestling anymore!
I am 100 years old already!”
Carol said.
Medusa just laughed, and the two fooled a bit around.
“I can get his phone number for you.”
Carol said, while she was leaving.
“No need…
I…I gave up on trying to find love…”
Medusa said.
“Okay, good thing I showed him a photo of you, and arranged a date for you this weekend.
I’ve sent you the details, wear something nice, byeee!”
Carol said, dashing out the door.
“Carol! You cheeky…”
Medusa shouted after Carol, but in the end just laughed it off.
Looking at her phone, she saw an address, and a time.
Giving it a try won’t hurt…hopefully…”
Medusa sighed, slumping in her bed.
Days passed, and it was the weekend.
Medusa was right on time.
“Excuse me, could you show me to the table under the reservation of a certain Mr.  Soless? “
Medusa asked.
The man that was at the desk, simply gasped.
Medusa wore a beautiful yet simple ruby red dress, with a simple pearl necklace as accessory.
With high heels, and skin as pale as the moonlight, it was a great contrast.
Her hair, being silky emerald green, with strands of brown and golden also made her looks mesmerizing.
And then…her voice and eyes, made the poor man unable to answer.
A waitress saw Medusa standing there, and the man with his mouth completely open.
She walked up, hit the man with a menu.
“Sorry Miss, it’s seems he is not used to seeing someone as beautiful as you are.
You have a reservation?”
She asked.
“No problems, it’s good to be young.
The reservation is under the name of Mr Soless.”
Medusa said, giggling.
At this, even the waitress stopped from breathing for a while.
“Ahem, sorry, yes, a gentleman is already waiting for you.”
The waitress, said.
Medusa just smiled, and followed her lead.
Walking up to her table, Medusa finally saw Mr. Soless.
It was a man, with a back like a spear, sitting down.
He had purple hair, and blue eyes, with a sandy skin.
“Well, you look even more angelic than in the pictures…”
He said, standing up and helping Medusa sit down.
The waitress at this point already left.
“You are dashing as well…”
Medusa said.
“Adam, Adam Soless, a pleasure to meet you.”
Adam said.
“Maria Ophiuchus, the pleasure is all mine.”
Medusa said, smiling.
The two chatted, and had a wonderful evening.
Adam took Medusa back to her penthouse, and before leaving kissed her.
“Thank you for the amazing evening, Maria.
Will see you on Wednesday?”
Adam said.
“Yes, but we will discuss the details later.”
Medusa said, smiling.
Adam nodded and left.
After entering her penthouse, Medusa let loose.
Dropping her dress into the basket that was due for cleaning, she took out her lenses and let the snakes loose.
Walking completely naked up to the kitchen, for another bottle of wine, she laughed.
“He has no soul…and he doesn’t know it, or just…ignores it.
No soul…no petrification…
Also, he’s cute, and pays a lot of attention to me…
And he loves mythology…maybe that was a subtle hint…
He might be the one…
I might need to give some gifts to Carol if this goes well…maybe an island…”
She murmured, drinking the wine directly from the bottle, whilst smirking.
After all, she was Medusa, a few glasses in a restaurant, won’t do a thing to her…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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