Not that different

I’ve had enough with the busy life.
My kids finished college, they were on the verge of starting their own families, it wasn’t worth it for me to leave in that chaotic, loud city anymore…
So, my wife and I moved to a remote farmland, we inherited from my grandparents.
It was nice, we had neighbors, but they were like an hour away from us with the car, whilst the closest city was at a 5 hour drive away.
It may sound dangerous, but my wife used to be a nurse, and I … let’s just say I had a lot of jobs.
Growing our own food, taking care of some animals, life was amazing.
We felt much better, and after we got used to the new schedule, we really felt…younger.
We also owned a forest area on our land, which was a bit…weird.
When walking through it, it was way too…clean.
No fallen leaves, no rotten trees, no fallen branches, no overgrown bushes…
It was as if someone was taking care of it.
And one day, we finally found that person.
We were hiking through the forest, as we usually do when we don’t really have much to do on our land. (which is rare, but still, once a week, affordable.)
That’s when we’ve found it, a little cottage, made amazingly looking like right out of a fantasy novel.
As we wondered about the cottage, its door opened, and out came a…weirdly thin man.
He wore a kaki shirt, a hat on his head, a mask on his face, pants covering his legs, heavy boots on his feet.
We could barely see anything, but we could still see a metallic sheen in his eyes, and the exposed skin.
Despite his appearance, he greeted us warmly.
“Hello! You must be the new owners of the land, sorry for the late introduction, I am Adam.
Please, come in.”
He said, his voice strong, but strange.
There is no need to bother you, it’s such a beautiful day, it’s better to be outside.”
My wife said.
I nodded as a greeting as well.
“Such a shame. I baked a pie just recently, it’s not good to eat it all alone!”
He said, laughing.
“Have you been living here, for a long time?”
I asked.
“12 years, 4 months, 6 days and 3 hours.”
He answered instantly.
“And do you have any papers, or you’ve been just living here?”
My wife asked.
“Just living here, taking care of the forest as an agreement with the old owner.
Sometimes helping with wood chopping, and carrying heavy loads.”
Adam said.
I sighed.
“It can remain the same with us as well, and if you want, you can come to have lunch with us on Sundays.”
I said.
My wife also nodded.
“I shall think about it.
Thank you.”
Adam smiled, and entered his cottage.
Hiking back to our house, we’ve been silent.
Entering the house, my wife looked at me.
“He’s a…”
She started.
“Yep. Probably one of the very first models.”
I nodded.
“But he’s…”
She continued.
“Yes, I know, that’s why I invited him over.”
I said.
“What if…”
My wife said.
“He’s not dangerous, at least, I highly doubt it.”
I said.
My wife smiled, and sighed.
“You and your big heart…”
She said, shaking her head.
“That’s why our kids got where they are now, and that’s why you choose me back then…”
I said hugging her.
The next days were the same as usual, but on Sunday, right before noon, a knock was heard on our door.
I went to open the door, and I found Adam, with a carving of my wife and I in his hands.
“I know that for guests is customary to bring gifts, so here is mine.”
He said, handing me the carving.
“Come in, Adam.”
I said, shaking his hand.
He had a glove on, not like it hid his cold grasp.
“Thank you.”
He said.
My wife came out of the kitchen.
“Hello Adam, just at the right time, a few more minutes and we can eat.”
She said.
“It smells delicious!”
He said, although, no smell could really be smelled.
“Look, Ash, he brought us a gift.”
I said, showing my wife the unimaginably detailed carving.
It even had our freckles and little wrinkles.
“That’s amazing Adam! You are talented!
This could sell for so much!”
She exclaimed.
Adam just chuckled awkwardly.
We ate and talked, and had a really good time.
Around 8 in the evening, Adam left, but he said he will be back to discuss about the crops, and animals we have.
“He is going to access the network, and learn everything related to farming, isn’t he?”
My wife asked.
“Most likely.
His answers were honest, yet textbook ones…
He really is a sentient robot, but he is really…human.”
I said.
“He is not that different from you.”
My wife said, marveling about the details of the carving.
“Why do you say that?”
I asked.
“He knows we know.”
She said.
I asked.
“you both have too big hearts for your own good.”
She giggled.
I just shook my head.
As long as we can live in peace…I don’t mind our neighbor…
Especially since he is more human, than those I met in the city…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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