I didn’t think it will be like this

It was a silly decision, but it was worth it.
I sold my soul to the devil to become a better writer, and it worked.
It’s just, ever since…
He/she comes to visit, dropping in like a falling brick on my couch, and starts to whine and complain…
Problem is…
I love listening to people’s stories, that’s how I recharge, and because both my parents work is related to helping people, I grew up with the same mentality…
So now, I have the devil over once or twice week, constantly complaining about this or that, whilst my very first instinct is to help him/her.
Yeah, don’t get confused by the pronouns, the devil is genderfluid, depending on their mood, they appear to be woman, man and rarely both.
And as usually, just as I was about to start writing, I heard a thud behind me.
I sighed, stood up, and went to the kitchen, bringing back tea, whiskey, coffee and biscuits.
Putting it down on the coffee table, I looked at her (this time, they were a woman).
She was wearing a beautiful pure white suit, with a red tie, and chic sunglasses on her fiery red hair.
Freckled with pure white skin…and golden horns…
“You had another “Business” meeting, huh Luci?”
I asked, sitting down in my chair, turning my back to start writing.
“You can’t even imagine how annoying it was!
Dad! For real.
Those idiot princes and archdukes, coming all bloodthirsty, wanting to wage war with the Heavens.
The heavenly legions are countless in Hell, being stationed there to stop the hungering souls and demons, just fight them!”
She whined, as she started to pour herself something.
“Are you so suppressed in Hell or what now?”
I asked, shaking my head, but still continuing to write.
“Nah, Hell is endless, connected to a bunch of other realms, not just this universe.
Our Hell is just a layer, the other ones are even bigger and harder to go in and out of them.
It’s just these morons think that their pride or something is being hurt by being on the defensive all the time…”
She sighed, as she clearly munched on the biscuits.
I giggled.
“The one who is associated with the sin of Pride, mocks others for their pride…
I said.
“Oh come on, I do something I really want, and suddenly, I become narcissistic and egoism personified.”
She snorted.
“Come on, don’t be that mad, I guess your little employees have their point as well.
You told me that Hell makes souls physical, and undying, so wars are just a past-time activity in your eternal existence, no?”
I said.
“Yes…You are right…
But then…then they cancelled our parties!
They had other things to do…
Lies! I tell you lies!”
She said, with mouth full of cookies.
I laughed.
“Parties my ass, you just wanted more drinks and maybe some frisky actions to happen.
Why don’t you just roam Earth again, you are usually not bored when you do that.”
I said.
At this, there was silence.
“Good idea honey! Good, good.
I will take on a proper human role this time, and have the fun of my life!
Of course, I won’t forget you, and will come by weekly to talk to you.
See you now, I have to go and pack my things!”
And with that, she disappeared.
I sighed.
“All and each of her/his stories are worthy of entire books series…
And actually, I’ve got 2 bestsellers already that are more or less beautified and slightly exaggerated versions of those stories…
I knew what my wish was, but I really didn’t think it will be like this…
Not to mention…”
I murmured, turning around, and sighing at the mess she left.
Cleaning it up, I went to the kitchen.
“Not to mention…
I gained an actual friend with this wish of mine…”
I murmured, noting that I will need to buy some whiskey, biscuits and tea again…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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