What can I say? Practice makes perfect

Entering the office, a clown jumped out from behind the door, a bloody machete in his hands.
“Morning Jackson, you forgot to change your shoes.”
I said, pushing him out of the way.
Suddenly, more colleagues appeared, and the clown mask came off, revealing my friend, Jackson.
“Dude, not even a flinch?
How can you be so unfazed?”
He asked.
“What can I say? Practice makes perfect.”
I shrugged, and went on with my day.
Then, after groceries I went home.
Entering my apartment, what greeted me was a dark void, filled with sparkling silver dust spots, that were most likely stars.
Amongst these spots, tentacles of myriad colors were twirling, filled with eyes and mouths, each wriggling trying to engulf a spot.
“Cthu, seriously mate, again? Don’t daydream!”
I shouted.
As my shout spread through the void, even though, there was no air here…the scenery shattered, and my apartment appeared in front of me.
Going to the kitchen, I placed the groceries to where they belong.
As I was busy putting every snack, and everything I bought nicely, and orderly in their places, steps were heard behind me.
“Finally in the real world, lazy bones?”
I asked, without even turning around.
“Ya, I had a raid planned late at night…
Didn’t get much sleep because of it.”
He said, yawning.
Finishing with the groceries, I turned around.
I noticed it was silent, but seriously…
Dude really fell asleep, while standing behind me…
He was lanky.
The hoodie on him looked like an oversized robe, same with the sweatpants. (both were mine)
His hair was, well, it was.
Can’t say for sure the color, because it was changing by the second, so was his face and eyes.
Only his lankiness remained constant.
“Seriously, what did I do to have a being like him my roommate?”
I sighed, as I slapped him.
“Wakey, wakey, if you start dreaming in the kitchen, the food might turn into rocks, grass or who knows what!”
I said.
He groggily opened his eyes.
“Sorry, did you get my spicy Cheetos? “
He asked, yawning.
“In their usual place, but first, let me heat up the leftovers from yesterday.”
I said, taking out the leftovers from the fridge.
“Rice with pork, and vegetables soup.
You are a good cook, James.
And you are good at cleaning…
And at shopping…
Humans do so much while awake…”
He said, dozing off.
I sighed.
“And you create worlds, while sleeping…”
I murmured, starting to heat up the things.
“I am sorry, but I am blocked here…”
Suddenly, Cthu said.
“I know, I know…
For whatever reasons, you appeared in my dreams, couldn’t affect me, which broke the tiny sliver of will of your true self, and incarnated you here…
You are but a part of the true Cthulhu, but still, a godlike being nonetheless.”
I said.
“Yet…my powers are useless against you…”
He yawned.
“What can I say? Practice makes perfect.”
I chuckled, thinking about my childhood…
Life was…interesting like this.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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