Impossible Quest

My son and I got into a small trouble.
We were transported into another world, and now, I am trying hard to make him try hard.
“It’s impossible dad, we will simply die, and it will be all over.”
He said, shrugging.
I sighed.
“Stop saying “It’s impossible” every time we face something difficult, come on son.
We can do this.”
I said.
While we were talking, we never stopped fighting the creatures.
“You and your never ending optimism dad…
It’s literally impossible, for God’s sake man.
This is a situation from novels!
We’ve been transported into another world!”
He shouted.
“Haha! Just like you always dreamt about.
So don’t whine, let’s work hard to get back home!
Or if we can’t, let’s make a new home here!”
I said.
“…Nothing can dampen your mood, can it?
Age of Good has passed, life was almost exterminated completely.
All the gods are slumbering after we’ve been summoned and blessed, there are barely 10 thousand living beings alive, the rest are all…undead.
And yet, you think this is…possible to be solved?
Defeat all the undead, which are in numbers in trillions probably, and then terraform this planet so life can thrive again?”
My son sighed.
“Yep. All doable. No worries.
Though…it will take some time.”
I chuckled.
“It’s an impossible quest dad…
We’ve been fighting for 15 years already!
15 years!
And what we’ve done? Killed 1% of the undead?”
He whined, as he chopped at the hordes approaching us.
“Yes, son, I know, but we’ve been given immortality!
So time’s not an issue to us.
And, we’ve been blessed by all the gods, gaining one ability from each of them.
That’s cheating, if you ask me.
So, with hard work, we can do it.”
I said.
“You know that by the time we actually defeat every single one of them, the living beings on this planet will probably be…”
He said.
“Just the two of us, I know.”
I finished his sentence.
“But we can create life once more, after terraforming.”
I said, chuckling.
My son just shook his head, and sped up the killing.
I continued to help him.
And we continued together, our impossible quest with hope that we will accomplish our goals…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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