Not a place under the Heavens for him

Adras was now running, being a man chased by every single Greek and Roman, Persian or Macedonian, Egyptian or Norse, Arab or Chinese, and even the island dwellers were after him.
He used to be a Hunter of heroic nature.
Apollo and even Artemis held him in great regards, for he hunted villains, both human and beasts alike.
He pursued a truly admirable goal: to be free and unfettered, to travel all the lands, and meet all the beasts that the land has to offer.
He might or might not hunt them, for he never killed innocent beasts, and he solely ate insects and vegetables.
And he, being a man who met gods, and beasts, and knew of their powers, was always careful with both his actions and words.
He knew all the rituals, regardless the pantheon they belonged to, for when he was in other lands, he followed their customs as well.
He was blessed with immortality of the lowest kind, but immortality nonetheless, thus he could follow his dream.
So how can…
So how can such a man, be chased by every single living being on these lands?
What could have he done, to evoke such a hatred?
It’s quite simple, actually.
He messed with someone with whom you shouldn’t mess.
Indeed, he messed with a Goddess, but not any ordinary goddess, but Hestia herself.
He was always careful around gods, even lesser ones, so what made him mess with someone known as the first born of Chronos?
He never heard of her directly, from any gods, nor has he seen her while walking the lands of the gods, helping them in battles, thus…
Thus, he thought nothing of her.
Big mistake.
He destroyed a hearth, intentionally, wanting to make Hestia, appear to have a talk.
Well, Hestia appeared, and said but a single word.
And with that she disappeared.
At this, Adras laughed, but the hearth he destroyed, repaired itself, and the fire started to hurl at him.
He ran out, and thought nothing much of it.
But then…
Every time he entered an establishment, the hearth, the fireplace always hurled fire at him.
If that wasn’t enough, if he stood too long in one establishment, house, or place with a hearth, the hearth started to crack.
This meant instability, and danger for everyone, even for the state, kingdom or Empire he was in…
Thus, he became public enemy number one.
And this is how he arrived to be a fugitive.
But how is this related to every single place?
Since Hestia is a Greek Goddess, why can’t Adras take refuge under other pantheons?
It’s simple again.
Hestia has friends.
She is friendly, and trustworthy, the only goddess to single-mindedly focus on her divinity only, to focus on her task for eras on end.
Her stable divinity was a lighthouse, a guide to many others, be it gods or their descendants.
Thus, many owe her a favor or two.
Thus, Hestia’s enemy is everyone’s enemy.
This is how…
Once a greatly lauded hero, become a man, with no place under the Heavens to stay…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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