So fortunate, to have met you

“My entire life, I have been your Average Joe.
Nothing special, nothing out of ordinary.
I was good at academics, bad at athletics, overall average.
I loved a good book or movie, but I was absolutely terrible at social interactions.
My life’s been nothing but averageness, and that was it…
At least…
At least until I met her.
I was working a second part-time job to pay for my tuition, when a smile froze my world…
She was simply…breathtaking.
I can’t describe her any other way.
She was this beautiful creature, who greeted me with a smile that stopped my world for a second.
And for a reason or another, she paid attention to me.
And we started to talk.
At first, when she came into the shop, which was daily…
But after 3 days, she gave me her phone number.
And I …possessed by a courage I didn’t recognize, wrote to her, and she instantly replied.
And from then on we talked daily regardless if I worked or not, and soon we were in a relationship.
She could talk about anything with me and so could I with her.
We talked about jobs, university, how hard is to pay for everything these days, life in general, books, movies, some games, we talked about everything.
She was so understanding and gentle, it was impossible not to love her.
And after meeting her, my fortune turn for the better.
Until then, I was not lucky not unlucky, and I was content.
But after meeting her, I got an internship at my dream company, I met great people whom I could truly call friends, but still, she was the most important.
She was always there for me, and I was always there for her.
So, it’s no surprise that I asked the big question.
And she said yes.”
Holding up my glass, I said my toast.
“And now, here in front of our families, friends, and all of you, I thank God and everything that made possible our encounter.”
I continued.
Looking at my now wife, I smiled.
“I am so fortunate, to have met you.”
I said to her.
She smiled, and raised her glass as well.
“No, I am fortune…I am so blessed to have met you.”
She said as well.
Then the party truly started.
We danced, and we ate and we talked with everyone.
It was an amazing experience.
Then, after everything ended, and we took care of smaller details. (well, threw them on the shoulders of our parents.)
We had our first night together, as a married couple.
Seeing her in all her glory…I couldn’t help but smile.
“I love you.”
I said.
“I love you too.”
She said, as we threw ourselves onto the bed.
From then on, our life was simply blessed.
Healthy children, more or less continuous development both professionally and personally.
It was like the universe itself loved and approved of us.
If we were together nothing was impossible.
One day, as I was watching her play with our kids, I think I saw something.
Behind her, was a misty figure of a tall woman, looking just like her just much more dignified, with a scale and being blindfolded…
It must’ve been my imagination…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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