Investigating the cause to the great conflicts

Another war.
Another battle.
This time, a weapon that can level entire cities appeared…again.
I am getting tired of stopping these conflicts.
Seriously, who is so bored that every decade or so, creates a weapon of mass destruction?
And there is no way that it’s not the same person, since each weapon has the same ugly logo of a goddamn ant in a sun sign.
But after centuries of playing the little guardian angel of this forsaken world (me and my promises…), I finally managed to find a clue.
I finally stumbled upon a rumor that said that there was a great creator of untold miracles out in a small village.
I hope it’s the same individual whom throws out these weapons.
And oh boy, we will have such a “nice” talk.
And thus I started my journey, not that it would’ve taken me long at full speed, but I enjoyed walking and seeing the sights. (even though, I saw everything a few times, already anyway.)
Arriving at the village, I asked one of the villagers about this “creator”.
“Oh, it’s a young lass in the northeasternmost house.
She’s a young lass, and has been for decades, and the farming tools she made?
They last for generations!”
The villager I asked, said, smiling at the shovel in his hand.
After thanking him, I started walking towards the house, and I could see it’s quite lonely, being built on a small hill, almost out of the village’s boundary.
Getting closer to it, I could hear the sounds of a hammer hitting metal.
I went up to the door, and knocked.
“It’s open, enter.”
A voice said, before the noise continued.
Entering, I was greeted by a tiresome sight.
Weapons, each enough to start a smaller war, some even world-wide wars, were thrown and gathered in heaps and bundles…
At the end of the house, a woman was working, and heating up a piece of metal.
She was tall, and slightly muscular with bronze like skin, and fiery red hair.
She was barely covered by some grey clothing in her most…intimate areas.
“Lass, why are you so bored, that you felt the need to create these weapons of mass destruction?”
I asked, sighing.
Each weapon was unique, and magical with different skills, attributes.
Each of them could give a headache to most normal cultivators and the normal races of this planet.
The woman took of her safety goggles, and giggled while she looked at me.
“A goddamn Ancient Druid, here on this youngling planet?
What are you doing here, and not in some barren wasteland restoring nature?”
She asked, walking up to me.
“A promise.
I promised the snotty brat who made this planet to protect it, until it can protect itself…
I still need to waste some years here, before being able to leave.”
I said.
But what are you talking about weapons of mass destruction?
These are all just scraps, failures, garbage.”
She said, kicking a mountain of weapons, sending some flying.
I quickly grabbed them, before they flew away.
Now, I knew how these weapons ended randomly appearing all over the planet.
“A Heaven Carrying Ant Queen…
Shouldn’t you be like protected by your entire race, almost confined by it?
Since you are sure to become an Eternal being, and birth countless ant races?”
I asked.
“My path is different, okay?!
My babies are these weapons, it’s just I need to find a way to instill spirit in them, okay?
Now do whatever you want with yourself, I am back to creating my babies.”
She said, leaving me there.
I sighed.
Leaving her house, I went to the neighboring forest, and meddled a bit with one of the trees, making it my new home.
This lass was young…too young, and too powerful.
This planet might not survive her tantrums.
So, I moved next to her, so I can keep an eye on her.
This is how my investigation ended, and hopefully, I can stop the calamities before they happen, by snatching the flying weapons…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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