Becoming your own favourite thing

Something broke.
I don’t mean an item or person, but something much more general.
The world changed drastically afterwards.
Everything started to evolve in a way nobody could’ve predicted it, but daydreamers, with their endless possibilities.
Desires held a control over us.
Our deepest ones, our hidden wishes broke to the surface, and connected with something out in the real world, becoming themselves…real…
Superpowers, mutations, portals to other realms, new moons and planets appearing in the Solar system…
Everything that could happen happened.
And why do we know something broke?
Because it happened, that’s one reason, but the most convincing proof is that all of this happened, and nothing happened.
The planets perfectly fit into our Solar System, regardless of their size, and their theoretical gravitational pull.
Earth itself changed…
The Sun got stronger and yet gentler all the same…
It took us some time to get used to it, but we were always a flexible species, we could adapt to many things.
I personally, tried to meditate.
No strong emotions, no strong desires, no fangirling over my hobby, my favorite show, movie, books, game and so on…
So…an emotionless life.
You might’ve guessed it already…I failed.
But, to be fair, I resisted as a “normal” human being in this world, for almost an entire year.
Then, one day, as I was cleaning my room, I stumbled across a figurine…
And poof I went.
Scales started to grow all over my body, and I started to grow.
I quickly ran outside.
Thankfully, my neighbor, Liss, was someone who awakened powers related to space. (she used to work at NASA, now she does it solo.)
When she saw my state and just smiled.
“Go, I own a smaller forest.”
She said, and opened up a portal.
I jumped into it, and disappeared from our neighborhood.
I appeared in a primordial forest, filled with sky-piercing trees, with menacing barks and rich crowns.
Well, all forests evolved into this kind of, so I should really call it simply “forest”.
The pain in my body started to intensify, so I simply…let go of my restraints.
My body enlarged, my mind felt…liberated.
Countless trees were toppled by my transformation, their fall causing the ground to shake unceasingly.
I sighed, and burnt a few trees.
I sighed again, but this time, I controlled myself.
Looking ahead, I could see that roughly a few hundred kilometers away, there was a lake.
I rushed over there, and looked into it.
I sighed once more.
Indeed, I became my favorite thing in this entire world.
I became…
A dragon.
After trying for several days to turn back, but realizing that I couldn’t, I laughed.
“What’s so funny, Greeny?”
A voice asked.
It was Liss.
“I will pay for the damage I’ve done.”
I said.
“No worries, besides the few that you burnt, the rest will be okay after being replanted.
After all, everything is bigger and tougher than before.”
She laughed.
“I can’t turn back.”
I said.
“Most of the people who turned into truly high-ranking new species, can’t turn back…
We aren’t in a novel sadly…
But, your new race is known for being able to take on a human form…after a while.”
She said.
“I know…
I can feel it, magic flows in me, knowledge so foreign yet so familiar appeared in my head…
But it will take…ages…”
I said.
She came up to me, and patted one of my scales.
“Listen Greeny, you are the kid who managed to hold it in for almost a year, while everyone around him was rampaging with their superpowers or new identities.
If someone can cultivate, and become truly strong, that is you.
Also, no worries, new statistics show that the average lifespan increased at least by a thousandfold for certain ability users, and even the lower estimates are talking about 300ish years as an average life expectancy.
You have time. We have time, to figure this out.”
She said.
She was always kind to me.
Well, after all, I used to cook for her.
“I won’t be able to cook for you anymore.”
I said, laughing.
“You can help me roast stuff, helpful enough.”
She shrugged.
We talked a bit more, but it was mostly small-talk.
After all, she knew that I didn’t need information.
After all, in this new world, where fiction became reality, I highly doubt there is anyone else who knows more than me about dragons…
Maybe real dragons, but even them…just may know more…
And thus begun my new life.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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