Two worlds combine

We were always afraid of darkness, or so we thought.
But it wasn’t exactly the darkness that stirred our primordial fear of unknown, but rather what could possibly be hidden in it.
For years, people theorized about what could be in the shadows, just right out of our vision.
Over the centuries, the world of shadows started to become synonym to that of the supernatural.
From time to time, there were reports, of the two worlds overlapping, and people experiencing unexplainable events.
Ghosts, monsters, shadows, people disappearing, people disappearing and appearing years later, yet not having aged at all, people being cured randomly and people being changed…completely.
Many events have perspired that can’t be properly explained, and that’s when the world hidden in the shadows comes in as an “explanation”.
And now, these strange events are multiplying in number, but that’s not terrifying.
Terrifying is the fact that strange events are recorded even on other planets, and in space.
And after a few years of continuous intensification of such events…it happened.
The veil that separated the two worlds dissipated, and all the unknown elements were there for all to see.
Magic, monsters, mythological remains, ghosts, portals to other realms…everything.
But it wasn’t an end of the world scenario.
At least, not because the collision of these 2 worlds.
Because the moment the veil disappeared, the supernatural called the governments, and proposed meetings.
Soon, a cooperation started between the two worlds, due to a simple reason.
The supernatural world still had its roots in our world, and that’s how they always thought, even though they are completely different than us.
Also, they divined an upcoming trial.
And this trial can’t be overcome by a single civilization.
Technology, science has to combine with magic, and supernatural in order to succeed.
Of course, at first, we were sceptic.
We thought they were so eager to cooperate was because they were fewer than us, and afraid of us…
How wrong we were, we realized when a few dragons, and druids started to help rehabilitate the planet.
Seeing completely barren fields, deserts and deforested areas being healed, and made rich, fertile once more in matter of hours was something…glorious.
Then necromancers and undead creatures came out to help us cure our diseases, and in the matter of weeks, preliminary cures for most of them already started to pop out.
Soon, it became too evident.
If they wanted, they could easily hold their own against a few nuclear weapons as well, there was no need to be so…cooperating.
This could mean only one thing…
A true threat, is truly coming.
And indeed.
A couple years later, after the supernatural and us combined forces, we also discovered something.
Strange energy signatures were coming from space…
And since the supernatural friends of ours said it wasn’t one of their own…
It meant…something was coming.
But we weren’t worried.
We were preparing, and together we believed we could face anything.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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