Labour Force Agency

The world was shaken one day, as more and more irregularities occurred.
It was like the stories from novels started to become reality, and we awakened super-powers, while the wild life changed as well.
Soon and sure enough, even other life forms made contact with us.
Fast forward a few decades, and the supernatural is the norm.
Everything was like out of a novel.
Superheroes, villains, aliens, god-like entities and many more started to live among us.
But, not everyone wanted to pursue such a life.
Not everyone wanted to become a superhero, a villain or go off-world.
And our society was in need of other industries as well.
That’s where we come into picture.
We are the Labor Force Agency, and our job is to find jobs for super-powered individuals, fitting for their needs, and fitting their powers.
There are plenty of other areas where superpowers are needed.
Someone comes in with a power to control rocks, minerals? We send them to constructions, same with super-strength wielders, and same with those with intelligence related gifts.
Talking about intelligence related powers, they are usually sent into academic fields, administration management or planning.
When someone with soothing powers come in, we send them to be educators or psychiatrists.
If someone has cloning skills, then we send them to be taught multiple jobs, and then we allocate the clones in proper positions.
In this way, we have an individual who holds 384 jobs at the same time. (sadly, 2 of the clones have developed individualities, and now there is a dispute over their re-summoning)
We even have individuals who have multiple powers, who could totally be renowned superheroes, but they choose the normal life.
It’s easy to get tired of the supernatural.
Constant conflicts, heightened tensions, high risks and countless enmities.
So why would people voluntarily choose these, if they can still live more or less in the same way, before superpowers were mainstream?
Of course, there are people who mock these people.
Calling them names, like cowards, traitors, garbage and so on…
But after all, it’s an individual choice.
That’s why, we the Labor Force Agency, deal with absolute secrecy.
Nobody knows whom works where, and we usually send these people in other countries or at least cities.
As sadly, it’s the neighbors who are the most judgmental  in these cases.
It’s the sad reality, how now after all these changes, you are once again expected to bear great burdens, just because a random occurrence, such as the powers you awaken…
If a person decides to be a good citizen, a good parent, a good worker…why is that wrong?
Why do we need so many heroes?
Why would we need so many warriors?
If push comes to shove, they will take up the mantle anyway…
That’s why we think, that we should let them enjoy normalcy, as long as they can…
And as such, ironically, the strongest super-powered individuals, are almost all working normal jobs…
Such is life.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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