True Evil is not random

The vast void is filled with specks of matter, that are called universes.
Each universe is filled with endless potential, and may or may not harbor life.
Older an universe is, the higher chances to have life and even higher-ranked life forms.
It’s rare for an universe to die due to natural causes, albeit each universe faces a calamity after a long period of time, in order to purify its matter.
And the void itself is chaotic.
Whilst it seems to be the representation of nothingness, emptiness, and endlessness, it also has a nurturing, forgiving nature.
It is Chaos and Order in one, with the void itself being Chaos while the matter formed universes being Order.
But there is Order in Chaos, and Chaos in Order, as that’s how things are.
And seeing how eternity, endlessness meet in these circumstances, it’s easy to see how life forms are the same.
As many as specks of dust in the universe, and as varied as stars on a clear night.
But life forms are different than the void and the universe.
They pursue a different concept of eternity and endlessness.
They pursue other things, not simply balance.
They have a sense of self, and thus seek the benefit of their own, before the others.
So, no wonder, that a sense of what is Good, Righteous and what is Evil, Devious has been born, between the civilizations of life forms.
And right at that time, organizations that govern over these aspects also appeared.
The righteous organizations were everywhere, basking in glory and light.
The evil organizations were everywhere, even inside the righteous organizations, but they were hidden, in the shadow.
Life forms started to be wary of the evil, to hate the evil, loath it.
Which was normal, since evil ways tended to seek the extreme, and ignore the consequences much more often than the good ones.
The mortals were the most afraid of the evil ones.
They thought that they were cruel, and unconcerned by anything.
For they acted whenever they pleased, and they did whatever they pleased.
But that wasn’t true.
Evil is and never was random.
At least true Evil.
Evil appeared as to balance the Good, and the same is true for the Good.
Once a life form reaches a high enough level, whether it in the way of righteousness, or evil, they will understand this.
And the ones who understand the Evil the most, are the 7 Progenitors of Evil.
These are 7 life forms, who were the first to adapt to the ways of the Evil.
And truth be told, they are the ones who punish the evildoers who act outside a certain limit.
It’s laughable at first, and it’s understandable.
The ways of the Evil are simple, “whatever it takes” is their motto.
No such thing as mercy, innocent individuals or too hideous, terrible act.
Yet, they still have to take into consideration the balance.
When the 7 Progenitors took upon the mantle of Evil, there were already 19 Progenitors of Good ways.
They don’t bother when mortals commit crimes.
Nor do they care if thousands of people are killed or used.
But when a certain limit is broken, like when entire countries are wiped, conquered or even planets…
They step in…before the other side does.
They will take the evildoers in as disciples, and reward them, before punishing them.
These 7 Progenitors are from different universes, but there are countless universes out there.
So they don’t mind if the victims are other universes…
Same way, they don’t care if the evil way is extinguished completely in other universes.
Balance is what characterizes supremacy.
They are strong enough to do whatever they want, but they are not the only ones…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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