A good teacher

The Empire’s expansion has been endless and unstoppable in the last few centuries.
Regardless of power system, the Empire absorbed cultivators and entities just like a sponge, and strengthened its cultivation system with the spread of myriad branches.
Academies and martial halls sprouted as weeds after a rainy night, and the spread of low and mid-level techniques was indiscriminate, everyone could and had to partake in their use.
This made the Empire a true behemoth, yet it’s management and administration was smooth.
Why was each action smooth, regardless of the corner of the Empire it needed to be taken?
Because the information department is unparalleled.
The royal shadow department leader is a woman of many talents.
She’s able to coordinate countless conflicting individuals seamlessly, whilst all the way picking such individuals with infinite potential from the sea of common folk.
If the Emperor decided on a new rule, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes for it to be spread all across the vast lands of His territory.
Likewise, if someone is plotting something, in a hidden bunker, or a separate pocket dimension, doesn’t take more than a few days for them to be rounded up.
Same thing happens with enemies, invaders and beasts.
There is nothing that escapes the net of the information department.
And this is all due to the shadow department’s leader, Nox.
She was named as such by her parents when born, as she had black eyes, and black hair.
She grew up to be twice as tall as her father, and paler than the first snow of winter.
The contrast was so strong, than the Emperor, then Crown Prince, was mesmerized by her instantly.
Sadly for the ruler, she was interested not in love, but she helped him become the Emperor, and then to control his lands.
The two became sworn brother and sister, and with the intelligence agency she already created by the age of 18, they won the Imperial competition, in which he became the Emperor, and she became the head of the shadow department.
Countless legends float around concerning her, yet she’s as feared as Death itself.
Mostly due to her appearance, but also due to her unfathomable cultivation level, and her techniques.
She is silent, and swift.
She could be anywhere and anywhere, and nobody can see her if she doesn’t want to be seen.
But alas, she was too good for her own good.
Terrifying strength, aloof personality, and straightforward objectivity.
These traits made her the most horrifying entity in the entire Empire.
Even when the Emperor was too heated, not caring for consequences or moody, it was only Nox who dared to contradict him, sometimes even beat him up.
“The Queen Who Dared to Overturn the Heavens” was her acquired nicknamed, after all her deeds spread.
Common folk saw her in a haze, mystified, as a divinity.
Nobles, cultivators and high-ranked beings saw her as a calamity.
She was seen as a pest by some, but they couldn’t do a thing to her.
Not even with politics or proper legislative ways, as she was untouchable.
Not just because the Emperor saw her more important than the Empress, the concubines or maybe even his whole Empire.
But also because the shadow department.
All members were personally trained at least once by Nox.
All high-ranking members were hand-picked by her, and sometimes even raised by her.
So they were loyal to her to a fault, and these members were everywhere.
Both inside and outside the Empire.
She was a good teacher.
Once, even she seemed to be willful…only once…
But when the Emperor himself shied away from reprimanding her, her subordinates did it anyway.
She is a good teacher…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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