The newly chosen envoy

The very first rays of sunlight have barely begun to shine upon our lands, when I was already out, checking the crops, and letting out the animals.
This is the life of a farmer with a lot of land.
Sounds like I am bragging, but maybe I am.
Waking in the dark, going to sleep when it’s dark.
That’s how my life is.
But more than a single town, and a dozen of villages buy and use my products.
My eggs are the best, so is my rice, wheat and vegetables.
I don’t sell my animals per se, only their by-products. (I love them.)
As I was slowly working the land, a slight breeze slipped by me.
My dog started to bark like a berserker, my cows and sheep also made noises, and gathered around me, so did my chicken and two roosters.
Even the stray cat, that lived on my farm came in our little group, with her fur all raised up.
“What a fine household, what a fine household indeed!”
Someone said, chuckling.
I looked around but I saw no one.
“Who’s there?”
I asked, raising the muddy hoe high.
 “Young lady, relax, I’ve came here because I admire your perseverance!”
The voice said.
Suddenly, out of the shadows of one of my cottages, a figure walked out.
It was an androgynous individual, dressed in grey.
With grey long hair, pale skin, and spring green eyes, they looked ghostly.
“Who are you?”
I asked.
“I am the God of Darkness.
And rejoice, for I’ve chosen you to be my latest and newest envoy!”
The god said.
My dog barked.
“I know, Mr. Fluffball, this is ridiculous.”
I sighed.
“Ridiculous? No.
You are one who understands the beauty of darkness, the usefulness of it…
What other person could be a better envoy?”
The god asked.
But as they talked about beauty, they became more feminine…
“I know about gods and their envoys…
I would be your representative on this planet, and maybe many more…
But what’s in for me? And what kind of god you are?
I am not willing to kill people to prove a point.”
I said.
Albeit I was maybe too cocky, my back was drenched in sweat.
And if in my hands wasn’t the hoe that was made out of special metals…it might’ve broken already.
I have but 8 envoys in this entire universe, and you would be the 9th!
What’s in for you?
Eternity and everything else you desire!
My religion is not big, but it’s everywhere, and I am allied with almost all the other gods.
And that answers your last point of your question.
Darkness is something that hides, protects, blinds, scares.
It’s not good nor evil, depends on how you use it…just like all the other things.”
They said.
But at this point, they looked more masculine.
“My task would be?”
I sighed.
I could see in their eyes, their smile.
They’ve already decided on me, can’t turn them down anymore.
“Spread the darkness in your own way.
Make people understand my usefulness.
And most importantly, enjoy your life.
Although, you might need from time to time to help other gods as well.”
They laughed.
“Okay, deal.”
I said.
They laughed and disappeared.
But right then, a great darkness descended, and engulfed me.
I could feel its warmth, its endlessness…
“Quite misunderstood domain…darkness is…”
I sighed, and went back to work my lands.
No need to start my pilgrimage already.
After all, I can convince all those around me to work earlier and until later on…in the darkness.
And I also know a soldier or two, whom might be eager to try some ambushes in the dark…
Also, my animals are lazy, and love sleeping in dark places especially…
This might not be that bad…after all.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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