Tragedy turned into a blessing

I lost control yesterday.
First time in 598 years, I’ve turned someone.
It’s a terrible, terrible thing,
We vampires are a noble race, and we need not to feed on the blood of others.
It’s true.
Blood is addictive to us.
And thus, after almost 6 centuries of not tasting the blood of another, not turning anyone into one of us…
And living my life happily with my family, and kids I’ve had in the normal way…
I slipped.
I found a young lass, hurt…bleeding.
The smell, the fragrance…the innocence…it was just too much …too much to endure.
The blood tasted heavenly, a bit too good, to be fair.
But I couldn’t think straight.
It’s hold on me was too strong on me.
And by the time my mind cleared, and my will steeled itself…it was too late.
I already emptied the girl…so I did, as any noble vampire should do.
I turned her into my familiar, with the highest grade of my own blood.
She’s closer to a noble vampire than a thrall like this.
But …
I feel horrible.
As I sit, and wait next to her to wake up…
I shiver.
How could I do something like this…
The hunger…the immortality…the disdain from all the other races…
A youngling barely 20 or 30 of age…
How could I make her face all of the judgment our race faces…
But we have allies.
Our family is also well received by the majority of the neutral and dark factions.
So it won’t be too bad… I hope.
My wife and kids will understand, I know that.
And we will do our best to make the newest member…as happy as she can be.
As I was thinking all of these, the girl moved on the bed.
Soon, she opened her eyes groggily.
“I…I am alive?”
She asked hoarsely.
“Yes, child…You are alive.”
I said, smiling.
She said.
I sighed.
I took out a vial and gave it to her to drink.
She drank and drank, like there was no tomorrow.
After a while she stopped.
Re-sealing the vial, I gave it to her.
“It’s an unlimited vial.
It contains a sealed place, and has roughly an ocean’s worth of artificial dragon blood in it.
It will keep you hunger free for a century or two.”
I said, giving it to her.
She put it between her breasts.
So…I am a vampire then.”
She said.
I deeply apologize…I lost control when I found you…”
I said, hanging my head in shame.
“Thank you.”
She said.
I froze.
I stuttered.
“Thank you for saving me from certain death.”
She said.
“B-b-but…being a vampire is not really living…
And the prejudice against us is strong…”
I said.
“You have your own communities and the undead are respecting you…
You have special abilities, and a pseudo-immortality…
And I don’t blame you.
I was bleeding heavily, and I have fairy blood in me…
That’s impossible to resist for your…for our kind…”
She said smiling.
“Hereby, I, Marquis Blosten Herdigalder take thee as my sister.
Through my blood you were reborn, and through my blood you shall know peace.
Hereby I vow, that your allies are also mine, your enemies are also mine, your problems are also mine.”
I said, biting my finger, and writing a rune.
She chuckled.
“Too good, brother, too good.”
She said.
I asked.
“I am the descendant of a rather well-known Empire from a higher realm.
Sent here to study your special rune language…
Guess what…brother? You hit the jackpot.”
She said, laughing.
“How come nobody is guarding you then?”
I asked.
“That’s because they’ve sent Realm Inquisitors after me.”
A voice suddenly said.
It was a cloaked elderly woman.
She appeared without a sound.
“Milady, please punish this servant.”
She said, kneeling in front of my new sister.
“Raise, for I’ve gotten a good deal.
I can feel my bloodline mutating, he is not a simple vampire.”
She said.
The elderly woman looked at me, and released her pressure.
I waved it off, simply.
She gasped.
“My family is…old.”
I said, chuckling wryly.
“Seems like this situation is a blessing for both of us…brother.”
My sister chuckled.
“Indeed, a tragedy turned into a blessing.”
I said.
Afterwards, we went home, and my wife and kids were really enthusiastic about getting a new family member.
They pitied her, and loved her smarts and manners.
The elders in the family on the other hand, loved the chance to ascend…
Such is fate…
Never know what will happen.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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