A competition to become a god

Every now and then, the Creator choose several mortals from across his realm, and gives them a 100 years with his powers in an illusion.
In those 100 years, they are to create a realm of their own.
Of course, the time passes differently, 100 years in the real realm, might be an eternity in the illusion or even more.
The end of this task is that the one with the brightest realm, gets to be infused with divinity, and ascend to true godhood.
This was done by the Creator for a simple reason.
They want to retire, and it’s high time new gods with proper management skills appear.
There were many gods ascending naturally, but they all sought power and not stability, and since destruction is much easier than creation, the collapse of the realms is much faster than their growth.
Thus, if they don’t step in from time to time, then everything would disappear, and the Void would rule.
But there is an issue with this competition, let’s call it, in order to find suitable candidates…
There are way too many ties.
Since a lot of individuals choose the “I don’t interfere” route, their realms more or less evolve in the same manner.
The dominant characters and races might differ, but the overall situation is similar.
Ups and downs, and due to lucky encounters, might a race develop into a strong civilization.
Whilst the other chosen ones that decide to meddle in their realms development, usually tend to develop it solely for their own selfish needs.
Which would be amazing, if they realized the potential of their realm’s, but they neglect their subjects, and fully develop the material resources…
The Creator didn’t know how to solve this problem, since they couldn’t simply just tell them, as they couldn’t properly communicate with the subjects.
Then, they simplified the concept, and threw it out in the great realm and the surrounding realms as well.
And then they started to watch.
The concept flew out and manifested as many things.
Empires, kingdoms, countries, companies and in the end games, these were the things birthed by the concept.
And like this, the competitors became from a few hundred, billions, trillions across the realm.
Mortals and higher-ranked beings alike.
And this is how the competition to become a god changed.
Now the concept itself blossomed in the mortals who were Emperors, Governors, merchants, Kings, players, business owners and were good at what they were doing.
Understand this not wrongly.
Good as in a good ruler, creator.
Not a good individual.
They might be selfish, cruel, tyrants, but if their own territory, or entity they are ruling over are developing immensely…

They will be rewarded and will have a chance to become a god…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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