They…They really Exist?!

“Seriously, what do the higher-ups really think?”
I said, slamming a pile of documents on my desk.
Then, I went and brought 13 more piles inside, each half as tall as I am.
“There have been strange occurrences go and check what’s or who’s behind them”
They said.
“It might be nothing, or the breakthrough of the century, only such a qualified researcher as you, whose expertise covers multiple fields could head such a project.”
They said.
And then…they gave me 5 students, one researcher who is mostly drunk and that was it.
Not that I mind it.
It was always like this, I’ve been doing the bulk of my projects, and this time will be no different.
Sending off the kids to bring me evidences, proofs and documents from all over our branches, I started to examine the papers.
And thus started the chaotic days, weeks and months…
Mass hysteria in a northern town…
Well, that could be to anything, such towns might’ve used unknown herbs to brew something, or maybe something has fallen into their water supply, thus inducing such a phenomenon.
People who disappeared decades ago, reappearing at the same age as they disappeared…
DNA tests were impossible to be conducted since there was no comparison base to be used, but elderly people recognized young adults as people of their own generation…
Hmm, that could be a doppelganger or similar situation, nothing to be worried about.
The rate of cults appearing has increased, but their variety gravely decreased, and most of them started to be developing in the same way…
This…this is might be a new scam they’ve found to be more efficient…maybe?
People with extraordinary knowledge appeared, and said that they’ve been blessed by higher beings in their dreams…
Their researches are being reviewed, but 100% clean and limitless energy and cures for various diseases are said to be theoretically provable, and even practically implementable…
In the same manner, reports about individuals with abilities that are outside the law of physics and normality appeared.
Carrying cars with one arm, calming raging storms, jumping from a country to another…
Thousands and thousands of reports are getting piled up.
The kids are bringing in more and more evidence.
I started reading the “holy texts” of some of these cults.
They are talking about deities of unknown origin, and untold powers.
Just their mere presence can induce madness, for the human brain can’t comprehend them.
Their mere whims can change reality, and their gifts can lift one from hell to heaven…
I read and read, and I started to tremble.
I knew the stories about these creatures.
They’ve been part of fantasy and folk talks for millennia…
But they are real…
“The eldritch entities are real…”
I murmured, as I started upon drafting my own report, ready to suggest measures to be taken…
For this…this is something we can just hope to prepare for, but we shall never know if it’s useful or not…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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