Why bother saving the princess?

“Such a bother…”
I murmured, as an eunuch led me into the palace.
The grandiose useless decorations really made my eyes hurt, but the maids did look rather good.
Entering the throne room, I saw the Emperor and Empress looking down on seven people and me.
The other seven were also, people like me more or less.
For things I’ve may or may have not done, I have a certain reputation, and thus when big troubles arise, I am…summoned.
I sighed.
“Sup, kiddo. Looking sharp.”
I said, waving to the Emperor.
The imperial guards said, raising their weapons.
I yawned.
“Sir Lucius. You haven’t aged a day, since 3 decades ago…
You saved me when I was kidnapped, and then saved my daughter…
It’s a pity you just threw her inside the palace, and refused to meet me.”
The Emperor chuckled.
The Empress sighed.
“We brought you 8 for the exact same reason.
My little jewel was once more kidnapped, this time…by a dragon.”
The Empress said.
Gasped were heard, while I rolled my eyes.
“Please, save our daughter.”
The Emperor said.
The other seven started to say their piece, how they will surely save her, vanquish the beast, yada-yada…
I just sighed.
“On it, but it’s pointless…”
I murmured leaving…
They shouted after me, but I couldn’t care less.
Leaving the palace I started slowly walking towards the dragon’s lair.
Albeit not very enthusiastic I did pay attention to what was discussed.
But since I wasn’t really hurrying, the rowdy bunch of 7 misfits managed to catch up with me.
“How are you so disrespectful to the Emperor? And how are you able to know exactly the location, when they’ve given us just the mountain range?!”
Some of them started to interrogate me.
I sighed.
“Stop bothering him.
He’s an Endless Hermit, someone who’s immortal and is free like an unexpected breeze.
You might be too young to remember, but he was one of the people who stopped the foreign invasion 5 thousand years ago.”
An older misfit said.
“Hoh, a druid!
Your kind makes the best juices, you just know how to blend the fruits!”
I exclaimed.
He chuckled.
“Sir Lucius, my kind never forgot how you cleansed our trees…
Whatever you might need during this journey, I shall try my best to provide.”
He bowed.
I patted his head.
“Relax kiddo! This is a pointless quest, so take it as a vacation.”
I said, continuing to walk.
“Pointless quest?”
One of the other misfits asked me.
“Sigh…you are all “heroes” or “mercenary kings” or “Sages”…
So you think that dragons are quests, but they are living beings like us.
And you don’t know something about that princess.”
I said.
They asked in unison.
“She’s a warlock.
And her bloodline is draconic…
Now tell me, ya’ll think that a dragon will hurt her?”
I asked laughing.
“Still, the Emperor and Empress tasked us with this, so we shall complete it.”
6 out of the 7 misfits said, hurrying ahead of me.
The druid slowed his pace to match mine.
“Sir…You know how dragons are…
Are you sure nothing will happen to the little girl?”
He asked.
“She has awakened an Ancient Life Dragon bloodline…
Those cute lizards are the progenitors of most other draconic races.
Even True Dragons will bow their heads in respect in front of an Ancient Life Dragon egg, not to mention a living one.
And that kiddo has a chance to become such a dragon, what do you think?”
I asked, rolling my eyes.
“A-a-a-a-ancient Life Dragon? That’s on the same level as our deity! The Life Tree!”
He exclaimed.
I rolled my eyes, and sighed.
And soon, the 6 came back, all beaten up.
I chuckled.
“It was the princess herself who beat you all up, am I right?”
I asked.
Nobody said nothing, but they blushed, and avoided my gaze.
“That’s why I said…
Why bother saving the princess, when she doesn’t want to be saved?”
I said.
Then I journeyed to the mountain, and met with the princess and the dragon.
I helped the princess’s bloodline to awaken a bit more, and made the dragon take a contract with her.
Afterwards, the two left for the capital, since now they could continue their training there.
Well, it was enjoyable.
I got a lot of fruit seeds of off the druid, so it was worth it for me.
Back to wandering for me…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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