My little hero

I don’t know what happened.
Suddenly, everything went haywire.
Satellites fell down, like a raging storm of fire.
Electronics exploded, same with machinery.
Greenery growth exploded, and mutations in wild life and flora spread like fire on a dry plain.
We humans changed as well, but many of us died.
I survived, alongside with my pet cat.
I awakened  the ability called “Nature’s Child”.
I could synchronize with the elements, gather energy from them, and be close to plants and animals as well.
Thus herbivores who awakened, non-violent predators and even plant forms that gained sentience all felt neutral or positive towards me, making it easier to get through without fighting.
But things started to get worse and worse.
Other races from outer space started appearing, and claiming land on our planet, which was bountiful ever since the catastrophe since Earth has…grown.
With my ability, I grew stronger and stronger, in the wild forests of Earth, but it wasn’t easy.
Druids, dragons, elves and many races claimed the forests as their homes, alongside with countless monsters and vassals.
Whilst the druids and elves treated me friendly, even sharing their tips and tricks for a smooth cultivation…
The dragons tried to enslave me and my cat, making us concubines of lesser drakes or maybe…true dragon if we were “lucky” enough.
This was just mentioned, as they never directly searched for us, and we avoided them.
But the beasts and vassals…
They outright hunted us.
Why were they even hell-bent on hunting my cat?
I never knew.
My cat just grew a second tail, and could talk in human tongue, and that’s it.
She was indeed a female one, but still…these outsiders really had weird tastes.
We’ve struggled for years, while we grew stronger.
I was adept at healing, and growing things.
I could not only boost the growth of herbs, I could even slightly strengthen the bloodlines of creatures.
I helped the druids and elves, but that was my biggest mistake.
Once in pilgrimage, a druid boasted how his Eternal-Rainbow-Antlered-Elk is so strong, and a variant due to me…my secret was out.
Thus ensued a hunt from well…everyone.
Dragons, humans, dwarves, goblins, gods, immortals, demons…anything that had a bloodline, started to rush after us…
We’ve been running away for years…
People we’ve helped, healed helped us in return, but the forces following us were just growing larger and larger…
At one point, we finally couldn’t escape.
An ambush from all sides occurred, and we got completely surrounded.
And when they’ve been all sniggering, mocking and demeaning us.
When they were licking their lips, obviously undressing us with their eyes…
Little Blackie meowed out.
Everyone around us shivered, before promptly fainting.
Blackie jumped down from my shoulder, and transformed into a tall, beautiful woman, with 12 amazing tails behind her.
“Sister, let’s leave.”
She said, simply walking away.
“My little hero, don’t be so indifferent!”
I said, giggling, and tearing up.
All the pent-up frustration went away…
All those years I took care of her were worth it…albeit…she took her sweet time.
Well, better late than never

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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