Sweet release, from this life

Alexis’ life is simple.
She gets the target, and then proceeds to deal with the target, in the best possible manner.
Be it through ambush, tactics, dirty means, seduction or even head-on battle, she always accomplishes her tasks.
Was, a young lass, barely in her early 20s forced to such a lifestyle?
Not at all.
She was born into it, as this industry of hers, is a family business.
And today, she got a big day ahead of herself.
Today, she is to go on a date, with a prominent bachelor, of an old family.
He has under his name many companies, and even entire industries have his shadow.
Let’s not even mention his private collection of art, and other trinkets.
The two met “coincidentally” in a book store, and she managed to ask the man on a date.
The date was at a nice café, hidden in an alley.
It was a hidden paradise, since it was anciently furnished, with aged liquors and good service.
It was the man’s best-friend’s place, and it was a gathering place for the unique, and noble.
The moment Alexis arrived, she felt weirdly relaxed.
She could feel no gaze on her, and the café was almost completely empty.
In one of the VIP booths, sat the man she was to seduce, and at the bar there was the bartender.
She slowly, with a slight shy smile walked up to the booth.
“Sir Daniel.”
She greeted him.
He stood up, and took her coat.
“Alexis, welcome.”
He said.
Alexis scanned Daniel.
He was tall, and relatively handsome.
In his early 30s he had a vibrant air around him, filled with vigor.
But he seemed…harmless, which was weird, as to Alexis, whose senses are honed, even children emit a slight air of danger.
“Brandon, bring us the dishes.”
He said to the bartender, who chuckled and nodded.
Soon, dish after dish was brought to their table.
“So, Sir Daniel, we were talking about olden stories, mythos’.
Which is your favorite?”
Alexis asked.
He hit the table with his fingers.
Hard to say, both Greek and Norse mythology are close to my heart, but Egyptian one is vibrant as well…
Sumer mythos as well as most Asian ones are so varied, you need 6 to 8 life times to properly understand all of them…same with the tribal spirits and totemic mythos of the olden natives.”
He said, musing.
“So, no favorite?”
Alexis giggled.
“I don’t play favorites with them.”
Daniel laughed.
The two talked and talked, and at some point, Alexis excused herself to go to the bathroom.
There, she promptly took out several vials of dusty substances, and combined them underneath her nails.
Then, she walked out and flashed a smile to Daniel.
As got closer to the booth, she “stumbled”, and fell.
Daniel promptly caught her, but she managed to “accidentally” scratch him.
“Sorry! I am so clumsy!”
She said.
“No worries, good thing you didn’t hurt yourself.”
Daniel chuckled.
The two continued to talk, and this time Alexis was even brighter and much more open.
She had a beautiful content smile on her face.
Dishes were served, and so was wine.
Alexis’ tolerance was nigh impossible to be measured, so she downed glass after glass, almost competing with Daniel.
Then, again, after a few more hours, she excused herself.
In the bathroom, looking in the mirror she sighed.
“He actually gets me…and loves fantasy, which is rare for such a man…
Alas, he’s a target…and the poison shall be kicking in any moment now.”
She thought to herself, while applying a bit of make-up.
She even made it that she was a tad bit paler, so when she sees Daniel, “randomly” collapsing, she can “pale” due to the fright.
As she existed the bathroom stall, Daniel was there, waiting for her.
Flashing a smile, he handed her coat.
“Shall we leave for a walk in the park?”
He asked.
She nodded, like a frightened chicken.
The two left, while the bartender whistled, and winked at Daniel.
Alexis rolled her eyes, and tightened her purse.
Arriving at the park, the two have sat down at a bench, basking in the moonlight.
“Such a beautiful night…not as beautiful as your poison though.”
Daniel suddenly said.
Alexis wanted to “blush” and flirt coyly as Daniel called her beautiful, but she registered what he truly said a bit later.
“You knew.”
She said, voice steely.
“Relax, it was me who hired you.”
Daniel said, chuckling.
Alexis’ sighed in relief, and her gaze became warmer.
“So you are one of the Death Wishing ones…”
She said, smiling gently.
“That’s how you named your clients who want to die?”
Daniel asked.
Alexis nodded.
“Good name.
Indeed, but there is more to my story.”
Daniel said, showing his hand, where Alexis scratched him.
There was nothing.
Alexis’ eyes widened, and she took his hand into hers, and carefully inspected it.
“Interesting! The poison mix I’ve made, is able to kill horses, elephants and even whales in the matter of days…
The dose I gave you was equal to those doses, so in a few hours you should’ve been a goner…
This means, you either have a secret or you are one of those rarer mutation holders, that are immune to poison.”
She said.
“First one.
I have quite the secret.”
Daniel giggled.
“You are an immortal? Like that bartender?”
Alexis said, giggling and rolling her eyes.
Daniel stopped.
“How…how did you know?”
He asked.
“Impossible wealth, and knowledge.
Weird aura around both of you, and most importantly, you didn’t die from my poison.
My family’s been in this business for 6 generations already, I’ve learnt a thing or two.”
Alexis said proudly.
“Yeah, met your ancestor, that lass was an assassin like no other.
If that fool of a hero-wannabe didn’t steal her heart somehow, she would’ve been able to ascend and kill even supernatural beings…
Although, she did kill a few of those as well.”
Daniel laughed.
“So, bored of eternal life? Loneliness? Losing friends? Constant need to move?
No problem, I will help you!”
Alexis said.
“So…you will kill me?
Release me from my current life of misery, and loneliness?”
Daniel asked.
Alexis nodded.
“Good. You will be moving in with me.
Try to kill me 24/7. I challenge you!”
Daniel said laughing, extending his hand.
Alexis shook his hand.
“Challenge accepted.”
She said.
And thus started an endless cycle of trial and error, in which Alexis tried to kill Daniel.
Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months.
Soon, almost 2 years passed.
Alexis didn’t get any new assignment, as her family knew the deal about her current target.
Thus, she could actually enjoy a proper life.
She went on dates with Daniel, on vacations, to the movies, and hanged out a lot…while trying to poison, stab, cut, mince, smash, shatter, burn, dissolve, melt, drown, feed Daniel alive to insects…and many more.
During these escapades…something blossomed between the two.
After all, she was a young, beautiful maiden, while he was a “young” looking man.
Both with similar taste in food, free-time activities and a strong desire to know about the mystical.
By the time the 3rd year rolled in…the two were engaged.
3 months later, they got married, with both their friends and families attending.
That many supernatural creatures, and underworld workers haven’t been in one place, since the period of Pantheons.
On their nuptial night, feelings and emotions burst free, and the two united into one.
In the morning, with a blissful face, Daniel laughed.
“You did it.
You released me.”
He said.
Alexis panicked.
“You are dying? How, I haven’t used any techniques or materials on you, for months!”
She exclaimed, quickly scanning him over, checking his vitals.
Daniel laughed, and kissed her.
“You destroyed my miserable life, and gave me a new one…silly.”
He said.
Alexis pouted, and hit him with a pillow.
The two laughed, and went for breakfast…
This is how, both got a sweet release from their usual lives…
The immortal, gained a loving wife, who knew his secrets and was willing to stay with him.
The assassin, became a wife to the target of her mission, thus essentially leaving her in a loop, letting her live her life as long as her husband’s alive…
And knowing both of them, soon enough they will find a way to spend eternity together…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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