I am just an Experiment

I was numb.
Sweating just from trying to lift my heavy eye-lids, I was hit by a blinding light.
The light was painful for a second, but soon I got used to it.
I could see that I was in a glass container.
Nothing surprising, after all, I was a lab-rat.
Not an actual rat, I was maybe still am human, but I volunteered to be a test subject.
Human experimentation, especially genetic like the one I’ve been in, is quite questionable, but I had no way to refuse.
After all, it was this, or my family living on the streets.
As I looked around, the laboratory was neat, clean and clearly expensive looking.
I sighed.
Which was mistake, since my breath, broke the glass.
And then, headache came, literally and metaphorically as well.
The alarms started to rang, which made my head hurt.
Then, rustling could be heard, and a group of armed, and armored man came in.
Guns pointing towards me, one even held a huge-sword, all with their guards up and tense.
I wanted to tell them to relax, but nothing came out of my mouth since I wasn’t used to speaking for who knows how long.
The liquid in the container spilt out, and I groggily walked out, even slipping and falling on my bottom.
The soldiers tensed even more up, but nobody moved.
I sighed.
Which was mistake again…since I pushed them a bit back with it.
They didn’t shoot, which was good, but I guess I scared them.
I stood up, with great difficulty, and waved my hands around in the air…showing I am not aggressive.
Then, high-heels could be heard on the corridor, outside the lab.
Soon, the soldiers made room for a tall woman, in a lab coat.
She has short, red hair, square-green glasses, a pale, gentle face and violet eyes?
“Can you understand me?”
She asked, with a smile.
I wanted to say “Yes”, but I couldn’t so I just nodded, before pointing to my throat.
She nodded, and took a glass of something, hopefully water and gave it to me.
I downed it, and everything felt better.
“1-2, 1-2. Ahem. Hello, nice to meet you, hopefully, you aren’t going to shoot me.”
I said, chuckling, while fidgeting a bit.
“You can perfectly speak!
And you didn’t die from the poison!”
The woman clapped, enthusiastically.
I tiled my head.
She laughed, and shooed the soldiers away.
“Sorry, sorry, but I had to check it out.
After all, the changes we’ve done to your body…
Theoretically, make you immortal and practically as well.”
She said, slightly frowning.
She felt guilty?
I almost sighed.
“So, how many decades or centuries has it been?”
I asked.
She conjured two chairs, and we both sat down.
“It’s been 149 years, since you’ve signed the papers.
And you’ve been sleeping for roughly 140 years.”
She said, taking out from God knows where a tablet.
“So, my family? Were they…taken care of?”
I asked.
“Oh yeah, very well, great-great-great-uncle.”
She said, giggling.
“Uncle? So you are little Celia’s descendant…”
I said, sighing upwards, scratching the ceiling.
She laughed.
“Yes, and don’t worry about the blade-breath.
You will learn to control it.”
She said, waving her hand, and the scratch disappeared from the ceiling.
I raised my eyebrow.
“I am a nanomancer. My entire body is filled with nanobots, well they are my cells already, and I can control them, and a high-number of nanobots from outside as well.”
She said.
“So, superpowers are common now?”
I asked.
“Not really.
We’ve evolved, we’ve made contact with other civilizations…we’ve opened a lot of new paths and old ones as well.”
She said, as one of her nails got scaly, and longer.
“So, technology and cultivation boomed together?”
I asked.
I was privy to a thing or two, in those 10 years I was awake here.
“And much more…
Life for us, humans is…tough.”
She said.
“How can I help?”
I asked.
Instinctively, I could feel, that indeed she was of my own blood…I felt an innate desire to help her.
“With you awake, we can run a few tests, but your blood was what…
What created my powers, and many others…
You awakening, will set of a great wave in our civilization.”
She said, smiling.
“Do I have to be afraid of being used? Or attacked?”
I asked.
She giggled.
Her nails all became scaly, with a metallic sheen and each a meter in length, she slashed me…
All her nails broke, and stabbed through the hard floor.
She sighed, and her nails grew back.
“I am in the Heavenly Dragon and Universal Deity rankings, yet I can’t even scratch you, Uncle…
You being afraid of someone, that being has to be something from another civilization, millions of years older than ours.”
She said, patting my shoulder.
“What did you guys…do to me?”
I asked.
“Tested both technology and cultivation related items on you.
Dragon blood? Infused into you.
Taotie stomach? Changed with yours.
Nanobots much more advanced than mine? Changed with your cells. Although, after several divine beasts organs have been placed into you, those nanobots, became even more organic.
Sword fragments, staff parts, anything and everything has been tried on you.”
She said, sighing.
I asked.
“We don’t know why…but you adapt to everything.
No air? No problem.
Poison? No problem.
Temperature from the core of a supernova? Or at least 10% of it…no problem.
Sword broken in you? The material it is made of is broken down and absorbed by you…
Give your body time…and it will adapt.”
She said.
“And after a century and half of constant tests…we’ve run out of things to test on you.”
Another voice said.
In came another woman, with a black tight-fitting dress, and long azure hair.
My niece greeted her.
I nodded to her.
“We shall give you a run-down of everything.
Give you the best cultivation method, because you need no technology.
And we shall set you free, to gain honor for our civilization.
Are you up for the task?”
She asked.
“I am just an Experiment, I do what I am told to…as long as my family is safe.”
I said, looking to my niece.
And thus, my life re-started…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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