Befriending a Nightmare

After a long day at work, I’ve finally arrived home.
After a quick meal, and a shower, I brushed my teeth and went to sleep.
It didn’t take me long to travel to the lands of dreams, as I’ve been exhausted.
But, the lands of dreams didn’t welcome me warmly, as I found myself in a dark open field, with a freezing wind blowing.
My surrounding were like tar,  I could barely move or breath.
“Seriously? Wasn’t my day nightmarish enough?”
I thought.
I knew it was a nightmare, I knew it wasn’t real, but that didn’t help.
I couldn’t move, the weather was getting worse and worse, and soon creepy giggling could be heard around me.
From the corner of my eyes, I could see a shadow moving, here and there.
A giggle, a chuckle, a hoarse laughter, a whisper, when one when another would be heard.
Soon, in front of me stood a young woman, dressed in a blood-red dress, pale as the moon skin, and long swamp green hair.
“Want to play?”
She asked, smiling so widely, her face seemed to split.
I was numb at this point, but I remembered something my gramps taught me.
“Sure, what do you want to play?”
I asked, trying my best to smile.
My gramps, bless his heart and soul, told me that if I ever find myself in a difficult position, just do the opposite of common sense.
That would throw off everything, anything, and open new paths for me.
And indeed it worked.
The cold subsided a bit, and the wind stopped for a few seconds, while the woman tilted her head, looking weirdly at me.
“You want to play with me?”
She asked again, her voice sounding almost…normal this time.
“Yep, although I am better at board games, and video games, than physical ones.
But I like travelling as well, so we could look around here, it seems…interesting.”
I said, gulping.
Gramps made me imagine weird scenarios to help strengthen my imagination, it helped me in school and life, since I didn’t collapse under pressure easily, but this…this is too much.
Suddenly, the young woman flickered, and appeared but a breath away from me.
Her fragrance, which was when alluring, like fresh dew, flower and honey, when was like decaying flesh, and rotten matter.
It was hard not to flinch.
“You, mere human, really want to play with me?”
She asked, her face contorting, when looking sharp, when looking old, when looking simply…abnormal.
Then, I remembered something Gramps would talk about: mythological beings.
Such was a Nightmare, a creature who created nightmares, and fed upon the victim’s fear.
I gulped.
“Yes. I am bored, I can’t really move or breath, but you can, so I guess…we could do something together, no?”
I chuckled.
The young woman, suddenly laughed.
She got a bit taller, a bit more…curvaceous, mature.
“You know I can read your mind, since we are in the world I’ve created, right?”
She asked, smirking.
I froze for a bit, before sighing.
“If you can do that, then why bother play along?”
I asked.
Then, our surroundings changed, and I found ourselves in a park.
Beautiful trees, giving us shade, from a gently shining sun.
The wind was a gentle breeze, soothing my nerves.
The weather was warm, friendly.
I found myself sitting on a bench, in front of a chess board, with the woman in front of me.
She started to play.
I played along.
“It’s rare, for a human to challenge, and change a nightmare.
Even rarer for someone to try to befriend us.”
She said, after a while.
“My Gramps is a weird man, knowing a lot of weird things.
His advices are hard to understand at first, but sometimes, they always pop up in my mind at the right time.”
I shrugged.
She giggled.
“Your grandfather is probably more than he lets on.”
She said.
“When I was a kid, I always thought he was one of the gods he always told stories about.
Who knows, my hunch back then might’ve been right.”
I chuckled.
“You still fear me, I can feel it, but at the same time, you…like me?
You are quite weird yourself, little human.”
She said.
“Well, you are a good looking woman, looking my age, and almost beating me at chess.
Hard not to like you.”
I said.
She stopped, with a piece mid-air.
“Good looking?”
She asked.
I nodded.
“Quite frank you are.”
She giggled.
I rolled my eyes.
“You can read my mind, the hell would lying be of any use here?”
I said.
“True, although, you are wrong about almost beating you.
Check mate.”
She said, indeed , beating me.
“Well, oh-well.
It happens.”
I shrugged.
“Another game?”
Then I asked.
“No, I have a better idea.”
She said, disappearing.
I soon woke up in my bed, looking at the clock, it was barely mid-night.
“That was…interesting.”
I muttered.
“Yeah, but that’s just the start!”
A voice said, right next to me.
Turning to the left, I saw the Nightmare, sitting on my bed.
I flinched, then sighed.
“You enjoy scaring the hell out of me, right?”
I asked.
She flickered, and was on my right, right in my face.
“I am a Nightmare, it’s in my nature.”
She said.
This time, I didn’t get scared, I expected something so silly from her.
“Why are you here?”
I asked.
“I am the only Nightmare, in this neighborhood.
Plenty of food, not really much company.
Want to hang out?”
She asked, fidgeting a bit.
My Gramps, was right again.
A new path opened in front of me.
“Sure. Can you appear during the day?”
I asked.
“Yes, me being in nightmares is like sleeping, so I function like a human being, during the day.”
She said.
“Can you take me with you, in other people’s dreams?”
I asked.
She giggled.
“Let me show you…my world.”
She said, taking my hand.
We disappeared, and thus our adventures started…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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