I am done with this

In the endless void, infinite universes spun and grew larger and larger.
In a certain area of the endless void, a cluster of universes were bound together by faint lines of karma.
These universes were united against outside evils and working together with other benevolent powers.
They were a rarity, since they were united, and peaceful.
Temporary conflicts, and even large scale wars did start, but they never lasted too long.
And this peace was thanks to a certain planet, aptly named Peace World.
Upon this planet, many souls resided in huge communities, but they called them cities, towns, and regions, there weren’t countries nor kingdoms, nor sects.
The planet was rich, and extremely old, with plenty of wild life, and dangerous spots.
So, there were a lot of experienced heroes, warriors walking around, due to the need of their existence.
But in such a place, it was not a weapon shop, a dojo, a hospital or an academy that was the most important.
The most important location was an inn.
“Retired immortal Inn” it was called, and old Benjamin was the one owner.
Old Ben was the tutor for at least half a million legendary heroes, and who knows how many more experts in the shadows.
Legends say that the planet was barely cooling off, and it had yet to birth greenery and proper oceans, but the “Retired Immortal Inn” was already here.
Nobody knows the truth, but old Ben was visited by Emperors, Gods, Demons, Saints, and Fairies.
Dragons, Beasts, Spirits, Elementals, Ghosts, Voidlings have also visited him to pay respects.
There wasn’t a single individual from the allied universes, or even from far afar, whom was sung in ballads that hasn’t had at least a slight connection to old Ben.
Or at least that what the legends say.
And the same legends talk about old Ben’s deal with a high-ranked demon.
He bet with a demon, for eternal life, and he won.
The demon honored the bet, and ever since, old Ben worked for the peace of everything.
It was him who named the planet, and it was him who made rules.
The rules apply for his inn only, at least for him, but people have taken upon themselves to follow these rules, far away.
The rules are rather simple: respect the one next to you, be polite, help if you can and want, and don’t forget where you came from.
But today, was a special day.
For the Inn for the first time, in many many years, has taken a day off.
The inn being closed , was respectfully avoided, and the area around it, was clear and peaceful.
It was at this moment, that Old Ben, went to his courtyard, and sat down under his peach tree.
The tree moved, and whistled with its branches.
“Not now, little peach, I am waiting for an old friend.”
Old Ben, as he took out a chess board.
Soon enough, a beautiful, foxy, blood-red haired young woman sat at the other end of the board.
“You are late, Asmodeus.”
Old Ben said, arranging his pieces.
Asmodeus also took her pieces, and put them on the board, slowly.
Her long fingers, and black painted nails, almost completely covered each glass piece.
“Benny, benny, benny.
My dear, we had such a great time, when you crashed into this planet, you even won eternity from me.
And yet, this is the first time, in aeons, you’ve called for me, I am hurt.”
She said, pouting and giggling.
The peach tree shook, but it didn’t do anything, because it knew, the demon was out of its league.
“Now, Asmodeus.
Imagine my surprise, after almost dying, whilst stopping a Void Eater, I crash land into a newborn planet…
But the planet was not born normally, it was created…created by you…
And you saved, and for that, I gave your demon clan, countless Sages, so I paid my debt.”
Old Ben chuckled.
“So hurtful, Benny, benny, benny…
Is that all we had between us?
Just a debtor and a debtee ?”
She tilted her head, revealing her jade like skin, and never-ending cleavage.
“I am old now, when we met, you mesmerized me, but now…
You still do, but in a different way.
How can you be still okay…after living…such a long life?”
Old Ben sighed.
“Keeping busy, literally and metaphorically as well.
And my purpose is to enjoy life, and eternity, so it works out for me perfectly.”
Asmodeus giggled.
The two started to play, but Old Ben was having the advantage.
“Want to play “naked chess?”.
We play, until one of us remains without clothes.”
Asmodeus said, taking her shoes off, as she lost the first one.
Old ben just nodded.
Not even an hour later, a naked, alluring Asmodeus was seen pouting, as Old Ben chuckled and cleared the board once more.
“Aww, Benny, so you’ve asked me to come here to see me naked…
Oh you,  you should’ve just asked…”
Asmodeus purred.
“Asmodeus, you are beautiful, bright and deceiving.
A perfect demon.
You have your goal, and belief and you live by them.
But me…
I am tired Asmodeus, it’s time to end this.
I am not with this…life.”
Old Ben said.
Asmodeus gasped.
She snapped her fingers, and she was fully dressed once more, not like it covered too much.
“Are you dumb?
You want to throw away your life, because what?
You’ve fulfilled your purpose? You haven’t found purpose? You are bored? Tired? Satisfied?
You can find new stuff, you can search for new things, you can find SOMEONE(M-E)…
So why…why die?”
Asmodeus said.
“My advices gave birth to universes…
My tutoring birthed sages, emperors, empresses, gods, demons, devils and who knows what…
I have repaid my family, my helpers, my saviours and the universe itself.
It’s time for me to let go of all of this.”
Old Ben said, laughing.
Asmodeus smirked.
“So, you are done with this, right?”
She asked.
“I am done with this.”
He said.
Asmodeus snapped, and Old Ben’s eyes slowly closed.
His body slumped onto the peach tree.
The tree shook, and all its countless branches started to sharpen, ready to attack Asmodeus.
“Stop it, little one, and be patient.”
Asmodeus chuckled, winking towards the tree.
The tree froze, maybe because of the wink…but maybe because, Old Ben’s body twitched.
And then…his skin started to revitalize, his back straightened, and his eyes opened.
He chuckled.
His skin turned a shade of grey, and he sprouted wings, and golden with emerald green spots horns.
“Now, a new life begins for me.
My quest: make you happy in a monogamous relationship!”
He said, bringing Asmodeus into his embrace.
“Good luck.”
She chuckled, as both disappeared with a puff of smoke.
The peach tree shook, and soon a young girl walked out of it.
It was its spirit.
“Finally, Gramps decided to pursue his love…
Old stubborn mule…
I will miss you…”
She whispered, as she tidied up the chess board, and went to open the inn…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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