The End of the World, but apparently…not for me

I was walking to our usual hang out place, with my best friend.
We knew each other since childhood, and ever since we’ve ben inseparable.
Which, was obviously a good thing for us, not so much for those around us.
Two, hyper-active, imagination explosive, young boys…
Oh, the mischief we’ve caused, not anymore, at least, not so much.
Nowadays, we usually play games, and hang out at a comic book store.
But at college, well, let’s say bullies don’t have a good time, nor those who are too arrogant.
We like to serve a dish called “revenge” hot and fresh, and in the name of others as well.
We were just about to head into a convenience store, to stack up on some snacks, before going to the comic book store, when explosions started to be heard.
The earth shook, the sky darkened by the dusk was lighted up.
Screams started to be heard, while Adam, who was next to me, gasped.
“What’s up dude, tell me you aren’t transforming into something!”
I said.
“No, no, but today is the 1st of the 6th month, right?”
He asked, chuckling awkwardly.
“Yep, why do you ask?”
I raised an eyebrow.
Little Adam was behaving weird, I knew that face…
He was up to something no good.
“Well, I forgot to tell you something…”
He chuckled, scratching the back of his head.
I sighed.
Nothing good comes from him when he says that.
But before he could tell me what’s going on, a window was broken, and the body of a woman landed in front of us.
Strangely enough, she wasn’t hurt, but was unconscious.
“Boss, why did you throw the lass out?
We could’ve had fun inside!”
A voice said.
“It’s better if there is a chance to being seen!
And don’t worry, I made sure, she’s alright!”
Another voice said.
As the voices were heard, two figures appeared next to the woman’s body, with a flicker.
One of the figures was a tall, handsome man…it’s just…
It’s just he had a purple skin, a pure-white suit, and perfectly golden horns.
The other was an arachnid humanoid, like lower part of a spider and upper body of a human man.
“Boss! Look, humans!
We can have them cheer on us, before having them as snacks after we finished with the lass!”
The arachnid said, licking his lips.
The other one looked up from the woman with a smirk, before freezing, and getting paler.
“S-s-s-s..Pr-Prince Mephistopheles!
Forgive our rude behavior!”
He shouted, grabbing the arachnids had, and face-planting both his and the arachnid’s face into the asphalt, in front of us.
Well, they kneeled in front of us, but the tall purple man was shivering, while stealing glances at Adam.
Adam, don’t tell me you are a demon, and this is the end of the world.
You couldn’t have forgotten something so important, right?”
I asked, chuckling.
Adam just chuckled, before glaring at the two…demons, now I guessed.
He said to them.
“Yes, yes, of course my prince…”
They said, quickly flickering away.
Adam sighed, and pointed his finger towards the woman, making her levitate back into the apartment she fell off.
The window was magically repaired as well.
We grew up on stories like this, I guess you aren’t too shocked.”
He said, sitting down on the side of the rode.
I sat down next to him.
“Look, I am terrified, worried for my family, but at the same time…excited?
Sigh, all these years with you corrupted me.”
I said, laughing.
He chuckled.
“That’s the amazing thing, they didn’t.
You are still you, despite being friends with a demon like me.”
He said.
“Adam, or Mephi, same thing.
Look, you are cocky, vicious, and prone to act before thinking…
But all you did was to do whatever you want, and none of it was ever illegal or evil.”
I said.
“You are really courageous to talk like that to me, now that you know who I am.”
He smirked.
“You are still you, won’t hold my tongue.”
I laughed, slapping his back.
“Welcome to the End of the World, my friend.”
He said, slapping my back as well.
It hurt, and burnt a bit, but weirdly enough, I didn’t care.
“End of the world, but apparently, not for me, am I right?”
I chuckled.
“Nor for auntie and uncle, I will make sure of that.”
He said, raising his fist.
I fist-bumped him.
The world was ablaze, society collapsed, but we thrived.
After all, we’ve seen such scenes so many times…in our imagination…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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