A mistaken but perfect match

In a fancy high-end restaurant, two individuals were having a nice date.
It was their third date, and their relationship was slowly, but surely blooming.
The two were having a simple dinner, soup and salad, but their focus was more on the red wine.
The man was tall, and sharp.
He had short, pitch-black hair, with piercing cold blue eyes, and was wearing a 3-piece grey suit, with a red tie.
He had an unusual handsomeness, and coldness, made people both attracted and afraid of him.
The woman was also tall, but she was extremely-charming.
She had long, wavy and rich blood-red hair, with eyes as green as the most precious emerald.
She wore a beautiful spring green dress, with barely any jewelry, other than a simple silver necklace, that emphasized her beauty.
If the man was like a blizzard, beauty and attractiveness, yet dangerous at the same time, the woman looked like a warm fire.
She possessed both beauty and attractiveness, and also a charm, making people feel like they need to talk to her, to be close to her…even though they might get burned.
Their waiter has been changed 3 times, until the manager came, as she was the only one who could keep it cool, next to these 2 incredible people.
Now, the man and the woman, were feeling closer and closer to each other, and with the red wine helping them, their tongues were loose.
”So, what’s your body count?”
The woman asked, giggling, before freezing.
The man also looked in silence at her.
The woman started to panic.
Why did she have to ask such a question?
Especially since it’s a sensitive topic for her as well.
The man as well, thought it was a sensitive topic, but he was told to retire, and start a new life.
And honesty was important to him.
Also, he thought he slipped information about him, since the woman asked her that.
The woman was fidgeting, laughing nervously.
She wanted to say it was just a joke, when the man spoke.
“Do you really want to know, it’s…a lot.?”
The man asked.
At this the woman froze.
She wanted to avoid this…but since the man put it this way…her curiosity was aroused.
“Yes, and I will tell you mine as well…mine’s a lot as well.”
She answered.
The man smiled, and so did the woman.
The man thought she might be in the same field as he was, for he could see such an air around her.
The woman thought, he might’ve suffered the same fate as her, for she could see…how handsome he was.
The man was happy to share such a burden and so was the woman.
For the man was an assassin, and the woman was an escort.
The two shall reveal their body counts, albeit, not necessarily the same one.
“Fu, this is harder than I thought.”
The man said, chuckling.
“I know, I am a bit feverish, just thinking about talking about it.”
The woman giggled.
After a few more sips of red wine, the man sighed.
He said.
The woman looked up in surprise.
She asked.
“My body count, yes.”
The man nodded.
The two were in a VIP booth, so there was no need to worry about others overhearing them.
The woman smiled.
“There are indeed more woman interested in such things than I thought.”
She thought.
“Mine is 509.”
The woman smiled.
The man smiled as well.
“Despite looking like a flower, seems like she has thorns.”
The man thought.
The wine kept being poured, and the bottle kept being replaced.
After conversations about many other things, of course, the topic returned to the most interesting one mentioned this night.
“So, any favorite methods? Positions?
With that body count, I doubt you only did it one way.”
The woman said, clearly tipsy.
The man wasn’t any better, smiling he nodded.
“Not just one way, I had a lot of different ways to do my job.
My favorite tools were icy ones.”
The man said, reminiscing.
The woman raised an eyebrow.
“Ice? Did they make him use those things?”
The woman thought, in a wrong direction.
“How about you?
Any preferences?”
The man asked.
“Not really, but my hands, feet you know?
I used my body, learnt to use it very well.”
She said, coquettishly.
She meant to be seductive, but the man appreciated it for a different reason.
“Ho, so many kills with her bare hands, impressive.
But with such a beauty, not a hard thing to make the targets lower their guards.”
The man thought.
And like this, the night continued, until the two ended up at the woman’s place, culminating the night in a wonderful experience.
The man was used to it, when he had female targets, but the woman was an expert, and both felt like never before.
In the morning, the man made breakfast for the woman, while the woman perfectly cleaned his suit, not leaving a mark behind.
The two, talked about everything, and they spent the next few days together.
Such a mistaken, perfect match the two were.
One an ex-assassin, one an ex-escort.
Both thinking that the other worked in the same industry.
But unbeknownst to them, they were really similar.
The man, an orphan who was sacrificed to become a tool, and the woman, an orphan with 2 siblings, who sacrificed herself in order to become a tool.
None had too much of a choice, but both did it for a greater cause.
The man, for the lives of his “brothers and sisters” that would’ve went on missions instead of him, and the woman, for the lives of her siblings.
Days turned into months, and the two moved in together.
The day when the man proposed, was the day they’ve realized they’ve mistaken their previous jobs.
Both of them laughed it off, for they didn’t care.
They were a perfect match, even if at first, they were mistaken…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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