Monster Hunter Organization

Humanity has been dealing with monsters for centuries.
They were always here, for a long period of time, they were even the rulers of Earth.
We are not sure what happened, but they were replaced by us, and now, they live in shadows, in hiding.
But still, one fact is true.
They are far superiors to us in innate abilities, and let’s not even talk about their mysteriousness, and knowledge.
After all, they are all older civilizations than our human one.
But recently, the monster hunter organization isn’t the same as in the olden days, thankfully.
It is more focused on relocating, and creating sanctuaries for these monsters, rather than simply killing them.
Of course, the bloodthirsty ones are eradicated, but those who are sane, and can be reasoned with, one way or another, we find them a new place.
Yes, I am one of this organization’s employee.
And let me tell you, it’s quite amazing.
Recently, we’ve been more like cooperating with, rather than hunting these creatures.
The information centuries old or even millennia old beings hold…it’s priceless.
Also, it’s pretty fun talking with them.
Their take on modern technology and trends is as different as it can get.
As a researcher this job is everything to me.
That’s why, I try to keep it simple.
Do my job, do my tasks, maybe if I see the boss in a good mood, propose a new project or two, and then leave for my house.
But nothing can go to smoothly.
Due to my job, I started to see details, others couldn’t.
Like how some of the creatures, were very well integrated in today’s society.
None the wiser, we live with them, or even for them.
And the secrecy was never needed more.
For people are afraid of the unknown, and to introduce them to these creatures, it will take a long time.
So, imagine my fright, when I realized, my girlfriend was part of such an ancient race.
Yeah, after dating her for a year, I started my job at the organization.
Fast forward 6 months, freshly out of the training, I started to notice more quirks of hers.
Night owl was normal, but she has no problem waking up at 6 in the morning, even though she went to sleep at 4.
Ungodly long, but beautiful fingers and nails, she has, and for an introvert, who speaks with the voice of a mosquito, she is quite convincing.
Well, after training, I found out she’s a vampire.
Not that mad, but I was disappointed that I didn’t see the signs.
Since then, we’ve gotten ourselves quite the mischievous kids, and got married as well.
The organization actually knew about my girlfriend, and one of the reasons I’ve been a promising cadet, was because of my harmonious cohabitation with her.
Seeing how they actually help her with her job, and feeding process, and how they do this for so many others…
I don’t know if it’s out of guilt, since we’ve hunted them so much in the past.
But with these actions, it’s almost time to have a name change…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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