Love triumphs over everything

Waking up, I kissed my wife on the cheek, as she drooled, still sleeping deeply.
Chuckling, I stood slowly up, and went on with my morning routine.
After finishing getting ready, I made her morning coffee and took it to her.
“Honey, wake up.”
I said, slowly blowing the coffee’s steam towards her.
She was such a sleeping beauty.
With her blood red hair, beautiful pale skin…
I still don’t know how I managed to win her heart.
Opening her eyes groggily, she yawned.
“It’s morning already?”
She asked.
“Yes, here, drink your coffee.”
I said.
Stretching her hand towards the cup, some of her fingers became small tentacles.
I chuckled.
“Seemingly, it’s too early, you can’t control your transformation properly.”
I said.
“Sorry! But it’s your fault too, who didn’t let me sleep?”
She said.
I chuckled.
Kissing her forehead, I laughed.
“Off I am.”
I said.
And stepping out the door, what greeted me was a realm of red and purple.
“Honey! Your limbo realm overwrote our surroundings again!
We need milk, so I need to get to the shop!”
I shouted.
“On it!”
She said.
And indeed, soon, everything returned to normal.
“Thanks, love you!”
I shouted.
“Love you too!”
I could hear she whisper that, right beside my ear.
I chuckled.
Using her powers for so silly reasons…
Yes, powers, my wife, my beautiful queen…is a primordial being, well, you all know them as eldritch entities.
It’s a funny story actually.
I’ve been wandering the library, looking for books that I would use for my thesis, but I just couldn’t find them.
And then, I stumbled over her.
She was taking a nap, and I didn’t see her.
I literally fell for her.
She woke up, startled, with a part of her hair, becoming snakes.
I murmured absentmindedly, as I was stunned by her beauty, when I took a better look at her.
We started talking, she apologized, I laughed it off.
We talked, and in the end, I mustered enough courage to ask her on a date.
Surprised, she stuttered, an awesomely cute “Yes”.
One thing led to another, and we started dating.
After our first date, I’ve accompanied her home, where she invited me up to her.
There, she told me about her true nature.
It was so memorable.
She told me her greatest secret, because she fell in love with me, and didn’t want to deceive me.
I shrugged off her real identity because I also fell in love with her.
True, it’s hard to imagine her real identity, and nor did I ever saw her true form.
But she is herself all the time, regardless of her origin.
We love each other and that’s all that matters.
The thing with kids, does worry me a bit, but hey, love triumphs over everything, doesn’t it?
All will be good, as long as we have each other.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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