Unlucky kidnappers

I was having my morning coffee and breakfast, at my usual café, working on some reports, when my phone rang.
It was my beautiful fiancée.
“Hello, darling.
You woke up early today.”
I greeted, chuckling.
My dear fiancée was a heavy sleeper, and a night owl, so seeing her calling me before noon is a miracle on its own.
“We have your wife.
If you don’t want to start getting just pieces of her back, you better listen to us.”
A rough, gnarly voice said.
Clearly it wasn’t my fiancée, nor did they know too much about us.
“Your superpower is boredom, or are you reading from a “Villainhood for Dummies” book?
State your request, and get over with this.”
I said, sighing.
We have powers you can’t even imagine!
We could make your wife disappear from the face of this planet!
You better not mess with us!”
The voice, angrily said.
“Sure, sure.
So, demands?”
I said.
I rolled my eyes, they were clueless about what they were doing.
Also, I am curious about why she let them kidnap her.
But anyway.
“Because you talked like that, we shall call you back…
And the interest you will pay just grows bigger…”
The voice said before hanging up.
I chuckled.
I finished my breakfast, and got into my car.
Driving up to the Hero’s administration was quite amusing.
“I wonder how the heroes will react.”
I chuckled to myself.
Entering the building, the guard froze when he saw my ID.
And then, alarms blasted off.
I sat down nicely in the waiting room, while the whole building was cleared out.
Soon, three teams of superheroes, led by the administration’s head came to me.
“Sir…Why are you here?”
The head asked.
“Relax, I am retired from villainy stuff, I came here to give you a heads-up.”
I said, laughing.
The heroes tensed up, so did the head of the administration.
“Heads-up about what?”
She asked.
“My fiancée was kidnapped.”
I said.
She asked, gasping.
“Yep, don’t ask me why she went along with those kids, but well…you know her, right?
If you wait for her to get bored of playing the hostage, who knows what she will do.”
I said, laughing.
“She’s your fiancée, as an ex supervillain, shouldn’t your fly off the handle, and destroy the kidnappers?”
One of the heroes snickered.
“Well, I retired to be with my honey, and if anything happens to her, know well that I shall destroy the planet, and reconstruct the debris into a monument for her.
But, she’s not the one to be kidnapped by normal supervillains, so I don’t want to ruin her fun.
It’s hard even for me, to handle her bad mood.”
I said.
“The entire Hero Administration of this country, and all neighboring countries will be on this case.
3 no 2 hours and your fiancée will be home, Sir.”
The head said, as she already summoned several arms, each holding a different phone.
“Thanks, going to invite you to dinner for this.
It’s been some time you two girls talked.”
I shouted after her, chuckling, before leaving.
When I arrived home, my fiancée was playing on the console.
“You home already?”
I asked.
Taking of the headphone, and throwing the controller away, she jumped on me, kissing me.
“Did you miss me?”
She asked.
“Of course.
Why did you let those idiots take you?”
I asked.
“I was sleeping…
I only woke up like 5 minutes ago, and imagine my surprise being on a submarine, out in the ocean.”
She said, pouting.
“Now, now, you must’ve been surprised.
Come, let me cook you dinner, oh, and I invited your cousin as well.”
I said, going to the kitchen.
She rarely comes since she become some kind of boss.”
She exclaimed.
“What about the kidnappers?”
I asked, while taking out the ingredients from the fridge.
Who knows, I just kicked a hole in the submarine, and left.”
She shrugged.
I chuckled.
“Unlucky kidnappers…”
I muttered, as I continued to prepare the meal…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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