Won in life? Are you sure about that?

I was writing mails to my brokers, managers and workers.
New plans have been devised to achieve the greatest profit, and I’ve gotten information about some shady dealings done by our rivals.
As I was busy detailing the steps needed to be taken, a blinding light filled my office.
And there appeared a beautiful angel.
It was a tall woman, with hair like silver silk, flowing down to the floor.
She had 6 wings, each pair of a different color, filled with runic symbols.
At her waist, she had two swords, and a huge axe could be seen hanging on her back.
“Rejoice, mere mortal, for you’ve won in this life, becoming the peak of what a mere mortal can achieve!
It’s about time a new challenge is given to you!”
She said, with a sonorous voice.
“That hurt my eardrums…
So you are real, not a hallucination.”
I said, massaging my ears.
“Chosen as you were, I shall forgive you this time, mortal.
But I am a Seraphim, and you shall be careful with your words…attitude and even thoughts.”
The woman said, with a smile, but I felt like being surrounded by knives.
But, you say I won in life…are you sure about that?”
I asked.
“The Heavens are fair, and everything, and everyone is recorded, without a mistake.
Whilst you’ve had your missteps concerning mortal relationships, you’ve reached the peak of what you can reach on this world.
You have done more anonymous charity work then all the other humans combined.
Your wealth is also many times over that.
Your reputation is also unsullied, despite being in such a high position.
You are fair and just, thus Heaven’s intentions are to send you to a new challenge.”
She said.
I sighed.
“What kind of challenge?”
I asked.
Waving her hand, a mirror appeared that seemed to reflect the starry sky.
“The universe is infinite, there are plenty of realms out there.
And you are granted entry in a higher-leveled realm, where you shall have no limits to your growth.
You shall not stop at this measly mortal world standard of wealth, and accomplishments, and you shall be able to transcend everything.
One day, you might even join my brothers and sisters ranks.”
She said, enthusiastically.
“Can I refuse?”
I said.
“Why would you refuse?”
She asked.
“I am not young anymore, this kind of adventures aren’t for me.”
I said.
“You shall be reborn, with your soul intact, so no memory loss will occur.
You will be even blessed by the laws of the new realm due to the completeness of your soul.
It will be a better start.”
She said.
“Better doesn’t stay better forever.
And I still feel I haven’t reached my peak here.”
I said.
“What do you mean mortal?
You wish to say that…we…the Heaven…have made a mistake?”
She asked, slowly, and “gently”.
“No, not at all.
But your standards are different than mine.
I still want to have a chance at a relationship, maybe more.
Also, I have…family, even if they don’t know me.
I need to rectify that…in a more direct way, other than anonymously.”
I said.
“Admirable, but you know what, this shall not be your choice anymore.
Your soul is almost bursting at how full it is.
You shall be reborn, and will try to reach a new peak there.
And maybe, maybe one day, you shall be able to return here.”
She said, flooding me with light.
“You…Don’t do…”
I tried to object, but I was powerless in front of her.
I was drowned in the light, and then, everything went dark.
And that’s how, I was sent into a new life…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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