Why am I here?

Opening my eyes with difficulty, I was greeted by a starry night sky.
And three moons, each having a different shade of purple.
Trying to sit up, I looked around, seeing that I was in an opening, in a forest.
I sighed.
“I am not on Earth anymore…”
I said, shivering.
The trees around me had rusty colored bark, and were so tall, that I barely could see their crowns.
The grass was blue, and sturdy, sharp.
The wind blew, and it whistled amongst the trees, like the screech of a monster.
I trembled, and huddled up.
Soon, I heard some noises that woke me up.
“This is not good…
I have to find shelter!”
I said, trying to stand up, but my legs were asleep…
Soon, deer like creatures appeared.
Each had a grey fur, antlers with twelve sword like endings, and each was twice as tall as an average human…
Their eyes gleamed red, and with a horrifying roar, the biggest one started rushing towards me.
I trying to run away, but I was still in shock, still weak, and I felt the wind against my body, I turned around, and covered on the ground., waiting for the inevitable.
Then, with a loud noise, the sword like antlers rammed into me, and then…
And then nothing, but a painful wail from the deer.
I looked back, and saw the herd of deer running away, being led by a whimpering Alpha I guess.
Around me, I saw fragments of the steel-like yellow antlers, and could also feel a bit of breeze on my back.
“What…what happened?”
I murmured.
I’ve read novels and books with such plots, but I wasn’t keen on imagining myself in those scenarios.
Always too hard, too bloody…
But now that I think about it…
It’s night time, while those creatures were thick furred.
Even though I see no snow, it should be pretty cold, yet I am fine.
Then, I am impaled by a running, who knows how many ton weighing murder-machine, and actually, I am not impaled, because little dude broke its antlers on me…
“God, please, don’t make me a protagonist…”
I murmured, limping away, since I still had no proper strength in my feet.
While walking away, I’ve found fruits, and mushrooms, that I tasted.
Since I didn’t die, I guess they weren’t poisonous, or so I thought.
That is, until a football field long python attacked me, swallowed me, and I simply climbed out of its mouth…killing it in the process.
At that point, I realized, whether  the food is bad or not, it doesn’t matter, since I seemingly possess a true immortality.
I walked aimlessly, being attacked by different creatures, fighting back sometimes, and sometimes letting them gnaw on me until they got bored.
I had multiple “cheats” as novels would call these powers, from what I could see.
I didn’t really get tired, nor hungry, nor thirsty.
I can move big animals with one arm, so I am quite strong as well.
And I can sense life forms from quite the distance.
Even right now, I am going towards a place where I feel a strong presence.
Why I am doing such a foolish thing?
Because…because I can’t die…I tried…
And I need an answer…I need someone to talk to…anyone…anything…
And as I walked, and walked, my surroundings started to get quieter.
No more bugs, birds or wind singing.
Soon, I found myself in front of a cosmic sized tree, and below the tree slept a dragon.
Emerald and turquoise colored scales, with bright golden horns, this dragon had.
As I walked closer, it opened its eyes.
“A human? Here?
How did you get to the heart of the Forbidden Beast Forest?”
It asked, in an unexpectedly mellow, gentle feminine voice.
“I got lost?”
I said.
“Lost? And you traveled who knows how many weeks, and days, yet, you arrived here?
Also, how can a human speak dragon tongue?”
It said, giggling, now slowly standing up.
I gulped.
“I don’t…I don’t know.
I woke up…and I was in the forest.
I indeed walked for a long, long time, until I’ve arrived here…
And for me, we are speaking in English, not dragon tongue.”
I said.
At this, the dragon’s eyes gleamed with interest.
“An otherworlder, how nostalgic.
Come closer, I don’t bite.”
The dragon said laughing.
I didn’t know what to do, but…
But it was so nice finally talking to someone…something.
I slowly walked up to the dragon.
I was probably as big as a single scale, I felt insignificant next to it.
“Have you experienced, hmm, what did she call it…
Status window?
Have you seen your status window?”
The dragon asked me.
“No, I tried invoking it, but I couldn’t.”
I shook my head.
“Wait a second.
Where it is…where it is…”
The dragon said, turning around, searching something inside the tree’s hollow.
It almost swept me with its tail, when it turned around.
Quite clumsy, this dragon is.
“Here it is!”
It said happily, throwing an orb at me.
The orb hit me square in my face, but it got absorbed by my body.
But you can now try to summon your window!
It’s something only you humans can see.”
It said.
“Status window.”
I said.
And there it appeared.
My name, my age, my race…
What now?
My race was that of “Immortal”, my level was 1003, and my stats were weird.
Health, stamina, magic, perception infinite, while agility, speed and accuracy 0.
I had 3 passive skills: immortality, invulnerability and infinite potential.
“I am broken….”
I said.
“oh, so your skills must be really outlandish.
What level you are?”
The dragon asked, giggling.
I said.
“Hoh, that’s a mid-ranked demon’s level.
Pretty high for a newly appeared otherworlder, albeit, in this forest, any random kill can give you hundreds of levels.”
The dragon said.
“You seem knowledgeable, can I ask you something?”
I said.
“Go ahead.”
It said.
“Why am I here?
Are the demons trying to conquer the humans?
Is there a cult trying to rule the world?
Is there a calamity coming?
What kind of evil plan needs to be thwarted?”
I asked.
At this, the dragon sighed and looked with pity at me.
Then it transformed.
Now, instead of a sky-scraper sized dragon, I was facing a tall, beautiful woman, with emerald and turquoise colored hair.
She wore a rather revealing red dress.
“Evil is no more, little human…
It was ousted by a previous saintess, another otherworlder 1000 years ago.
Since then, humans and all the other races banded together to create many cities, populate new areas, and even open portals to other worlds.
There are still conflicts, and filth hidden here and there…but nothing world ending…
It was said by the Gods that she, the saintess, was the last Hero sent, since the fate of this world has solidified towards a good path.”
The woman said, patting my head.
I collapsed to my knees.
“So…no dangers are present at all?”
I asked.
“I am the Dragon of Life, one with this planet.
While dangers might exist, nothing that threatens the lives of too many creatures is present in this era.
Maybe a plague, but those are natural most of the time.”
She said.
I started laughing, then crying.
“Why..why…why! Why am I here then!”
I shouted.
“Now, now.
Don’t be sad.
Come, let me treat you to a meal, I am quite a good cook.”
She said, dragging me up on my feet again.
“What now?”
I asked.
“We shall eat, as I said.
Then I will teach you about this world, and then you will live your life.”
She said.
“But I had a life! Back there! Why…why…”
I asked.
“Fate is as such.
Now, you will have a life here.
Now come, don’t make such a fuss.”
She said, giggling, dragging me inside the tree hollow.
There, in a beautiful palace, we ate, and after being shown to my rooms by a maid, I slept, and slept, even though I didn’t need to.
“Something…something will come up…”
I tried to encourage myself, and like that, I started my new life…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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