Apartment building for the supernatural

I was a simple college student, struggling with my day-to-day life.
You know, the usual.
Trying to find a part-time job, some side-gigs, so I don’t starve to death.
And then, imagine by fright and surprise, when two individuals wearing fancy suits, knocked on my apartment door.
The landlady came with her husband to check on the situation, for she feared someone will take advantage of me.
She was kind, I always helped around her apartment building with technical stuff, as I was good at it.
But, the two suits were here to announce me of a sudden, and random inheritance.
“Are you Matthew Nixogth?”
They asked.
“Yes, that is me.”
I answered.
“We are sorry, but your uncle has died.
As his only living relative, his possessions fall onto you.”
One of them said, handing me a folder filled with papers.
“May we come in, and explain the legal proceedings that you need to go through?”
The other one asked.
I nodded absentmindedly, and led them inside.
The apartment was small, but I sat on my bed, while one of them sat at my desk, explaining the things I will need to do, whilst the other one simply stood there.
As they stated what I’ve inherited I blanked…
“Are you sure…Are you sure you got the right person?”
I asked.
“Well, your name fits the name written on the will, and the address fits as well.
Your physical description was also given, as well as your parents’ name.”
One of them said.
That hit me a bit too hard…
I’ve lost my parents so long ago…
I’ve forgotten that I might still have relatives…
After all, I’ve never seen them.
So, a 10 story building, with 2 penthouses on its last floor…
That means there are at least 4 to 5 apartments on each floor…
How am I to pay taxes, utilities, and everything for such a thing?”
I asked, depressed.
Because in the will, it was stated that I would own the building, only if I signed a contract never to sell it…
“Sir, no need to worry about that.
From what we’ve learnt about this case, the apartment building is fully rented out, except one of the penthouses which was your uncle’s residence.
So, money shouldn’t be an issue, since Sir is looking at an income of 40 to 50 monthly rents from the tenants.”
The one who was standing chimed in with a smile.
I nodded.
With how the rent is going nowadays, money shouldn’t be an issue…
“okay, I shall visit you, and all the other places, and resolve all the paperwork.
Thank you for your hard work.”
I said, signing the paper that stated I will never sell the building.
It took me 2 almost 3 months to sort out all the paperwork.
When it was to move in the penthouse, I was seen out by my landlady and some of my neighbors.
“Little Matt, if something feels off, or something shady is going on there, just come back.
Someone as handy as you is welcomed in any community!”
The landlady said hugging me.
“Thanks you for always fixing my sink, and renewing the electrical circuits…Matt.”
One of my neighbors said.
“Don’t be like that, I still have a part-time job around here, we will see each other!”
I said, waving to them, and leaving.
Arriving at the apartment building, I was  baffled.
The building was old, but in good shape…but it was humongous.
It was the old kind of building, specially build for families, so each apartment must be bigger than I thought.
“More rent…”
I murmured, as I entered.
I took the lift to the last floor, and opened the door to penthouse 1, penthouse 2 being rented out.
Entering this new “home” of mine, I was, I am not going to lie, I cried.
I couldn’t believe it.
2 rooms, 1 guest room, one humongous bedroom, one big kitchen, a beautiful bathroom, a storage room, a balcony…
Not even in my wildest dreams did I dare imagine living in such a place…fixing something in such a place sure…but never living…
I slowly brought all my stuff up, but never met anyone.
Not that I minded, I shall send an email to everyone, so I can meet them slowly, when it’s suitable for them too.
Taking out my stuff, there were a lot of things used for repairing, and a lot of replacement items.
Seeing them, I checked the lights, and indeed.
The light bulbs needed to be changed.
I changed them, and then tweaked with everything else, making sure everything worked perfectly.
By the time I did that, and placed my stuff where it needed to be, and cleaned the entire penthouse, it was barely noon…
I didn’t feel like studying, so I went out and checked all the lights in the hallways.
The stairs were a nightmare, but it was a good thing to check.
18 light bulbs needed to be changed, and one switch needed to be reconnected.
At this time, I felt a gaze upon me several times already, but since nobody came up to me, I wasn’t keen on starting a conversation…yet.
I went down to the washroom, where I checked that everything was in order.
There, finally I met two tenants.
They were two women, a tad bit too much for me.
As they were good looking, tall…but…they were wearing a hoodie, and I don’t think they wore anything else.
I said, awkwardly.
One of them said, carrying a basket of clothes.
The other one just nodded, before sniffing the air.
“You smell like the landlord did.”
She suddenly said.
“Smell like uncle?
Did he use the same soap and shampoo as I do?”
I asked.
The two looked at me and smirked.
“So, you are the new landlord?”
The one who threw her clothes into the washing machine asked.
“Yes. A pleasure to meet you, my name is Matt.”
I said.
“There are a few issues with the building, will you solve them?”
She asked.
“I already changed the lightbulbs on floor 1,3,4,5,7,9 and repaired the switch at the entrance.
Is there anything else that needs repairing?”
I asked.
“Oh…So you are a handyman? “
The other one asked, giggling.
“I am learning to be a mechanical engineer.
But I do have a love and apparently a talent for repairing things, or so I am told.”
I said, laughing.
“Good, there are a few things that need to be repaired…in my house as well.”
One of them said.
“In mine as well.”
The other one said.
Then the two looked at each other, laughed, and…disappeared.
I rubbed my eyes, as I listened to the loud noise of the washing machine.
I murmured.
Going back to my own place, I sent out an email, that I will want to meet with all the tenants.
Then, I took out a notebook, left behind by my “uncle”.
“Child, you are the son of my little sister.
I leave this planet for a place that needs me, but I leave you behind the apartment building that represents my entire life’s work.
It is filled with individuals from across all the walks of life, and even beyond that.
Have an open mind, and believe in everything and nothing.
I hope you are well-versed in mythology and fantasy…for you will need such knowledge.
I am sorry throwing such a burden onto you, but…our family is good at carrying such things.
Good luck, and have a happy life…nephew.”
This was the only thing written in the notebook.
At first I thought it was a joke, or some delusions of an old man.
Seeing how I really saw no tenant yet, other than the 2 disappearing women…
I start to think, this apartment building hides something…
Then I look around the lavishly decorated penthouse, with paintings that looked too old, and too real to be fakes…
And stories I’ve read as a teenager start to pop-out in my mind.
“Oh God, I hope I can handle this…”
I said, going to the bathroom, planning to have a relaxing bath, for I felt that I will really need such things…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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