Must I save the world…again?

Being immortal is quite rewarding.
Long life, plenty of chances of finding things you can enjoy.
Of course, if you plan to be miserable, then you can find plenty of chances to be, but I chose to be happy.
So, I travelled the many realms enjoying food, entertainment, books and people as well.
Being a natural immortal, and a self-cultivated one at the same time, is rewarding.
But there is knowledge that is held by certain individuals.
And I am a disciple of a certain entity since day 1, well…almost day 1.
And as I was enjoying a royal breakfast, on a beautiful green planet, with roasted insects that tasted like chicken, and leafy vegetables that tasted of rainbow, a group of scholars rushed in.
“Sir! Sir! Elder Primordial is waking up! Please hurry and meet him!”
The highest ranked scholar shouted.
“Gramps is waking up? *Sigh*, I am going, I am going, no need to act so panicky.”
I said, standing up.
Then, after eating one more roasted devilish grasshopper, I teleported to my gramps’ place.
I hopped into the void outside the many universes.
That void was my grandpas aura, and his bedroom, kind of.
“Yo, gramps, you awake?”
I yawned.
“Child! You are here! How is life going?
Found some wives to give me great-grandchildren?!”
A booming voice chuckled.
“You know what, I did had a good date with Life.
She’s quite charming, especially when she’s her real self.
Quite gloomy, but entertaining, we are a good match.”
I said.
“Life? That lass who made everything boisterous…
Not bad, almost as good of a status as you have she has.
And with her ability, popping out a few hundred great-grandkids is no problem! Haha!”
He laughed.
“Gramps, you think I am some kind of rabbit? “
I rolled my eyes.
“You are my grandkid!
Your parents were born before Time, Life and Death, and so were you!
A true immortal, from the primordial nothingness!
You can do anything!”
He boomed.
“Yeah, yeah, sure gramps.
Now, what bothersome task are you giving to me?”
I asked.
“Well, as I was sleeping, some nasty people harvested a bit of my essence, and enslaved a few of your younger cousins…”
He started.
“My younger cousins are eldritch horrors gramps, call them by their name, they are not that bad.
Unless someone messes with them, that is.”
I said, munching on some food I had in my pockets.
And now, they are a bit stronger as well, since they have my essence…
These people are trying to erase 12 realms, by letting your cousins eat them, and then sacrificing your cousins, they will be able to harvest the necessary energy to create their own universes…
They are taking a rather unpleasant shortcut.”
Gramps said.
I sighed.
“Save 12 worlds, save my cousins, and if possible catch every single baddie?
I start to think that you want me to role play as a hero, when you are awake.”
I said.
“All the universes are within my original body, I am responsible for them.
And it’s only you who could stop them, after all…
You are even stronger than I am.”
Gramps said.
“Geez, okay, will do.
Here, some food, love ya gramps.”
I said, throwing a few dozen spatial rings filled with delicacies I’ve found during my travels.
Don’t worry, my rings are special, no food will ever go bad.
Must I save the world…again and again?
If it’s for family, I really can’t say no.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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