Earth, the true defender

Heaven, Earth and Hell.
The three main realms that exist.
Whilst Earth is the smallest, and it is called Earth Realm, it’s actually the entire universe we are talking about, and not just the planet “Earth”.
But while the three are the main realms, there is a certain relationship amongst them.
Heaven and Hell are waging wars, while Earth is the middle-ground, where the wars effects can’t be seen.
That’s because both Hell’s and Heaven’s natural reproduction process is slow, angels and demons are born through natural accumulation of energies of different kind, which is a lengthy process.
So, in order to bolster their armies numbers, they both recruit from Earth Realm’s inhabitants.
And thus both of them tried to influence the Earth realm, while relatively leaving it untouched by the flames of higher wars.
And in this realm, many different mortal races sprouted.
All these races were prime targets for both Hell and Heaven to influence.
But this was again, a lengthy war.
The feud between the 2 realms was as old as time itself, maybe even longer.
Legends abound in the Earth realm or otherwise, called as the mortal realm, about Heaven and Hell.
Even though they should be all at the same level, Heaven and Hell have a better starting point, while Earth as unlimited potential, until the potential blossoms, Heaven and Hell will have an advantage.
The legends are similar about the unearthly qualities of the two other realms, and how Heaven is protecting Earth from Hell, and that’s why they are waging wars.
But the truth…
The truth is different.
For demons, devils and ghosts are corrupting in nature, and that’s the way Hell fights.
For angels, saints and holy beasts are purifying in nature, and that’s the way Heaven fights.
One side is tactical, using prolonged fighting to their benefits, while the other is overwhelming, and straightforward.
But in war, being flexible is much better, than being rigid.
And Heaven has seen heavy losses.
And Hell has taken advantage of this, and heavily infiltrated Earth…
And that’s where they lost their advantage.
For if a demon and angel fight, if the demon has a chance, it will possess the angel, and the fight will become an inner one.
Sadly, the outcome of such a fight is either death on both sides, or a fallen angel and a dead demon.
But in mortals it’s different.
When a demon possesses a mortal, the mortal is challenged by it, and changes a bit, but they can fight become.
Others can help them to heal, to change once more, or even better, they can take the demon’s strength and make it their own.
Mortals have no pure source of energy.
Mortals have unlimited potential, being open to any kind of energy, any kind of change, thus an interaction with either hellish or heavenly energies aren’t deathly to them, in a moderate quantity at the very least.
So, after the tides of battle turned in favor of Hell, it was actually Hell’s fault, and the mortals’ resilience, that saved and begun to protect Heaven.
Thus, Heaven started to reinforce mortals with angels, choosing saints, and apostles much more often, and took an indirect way of war.
Of course, there are still legions of angels fighting in Hell for peace for all the realms, but the true battle is waged in the mortal realm, where the decision of the mortals, control the fate of the bigger picture.
So, in a comical way, despite the fact that at start, mortals are weaker than demons or angels, it seems like Earth is the true defender of the realms, and the one stopping Hell from being truly unleashed.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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