Natural Disasters or Heavenly Blessings

I’ve been travelling the multiverse for eons, and I find the encounter with new civilizations, new traditions fascinating.
How different the same race can be, just because their environment, their starting point, the world’s pressure is different.
But it’s truly amusing to find staggering differences, between different staged civilizations.
Like about the legends of gods and demons.
For some, they are simple legends, for others it is history, but for most of them, it’s so mistaken that it’s laughable.
Gods that are being able to do anything they want, which is a level way above gods.
Gods being just incarnations of certain laws, so many different ideas.
But the one that I find it the most entertaining, and hilarious is about dragons.
In so many civilizations, dragons are seen as monsters, beasts and mere creatures.
How amusing it is.
They see this magnificent creature, able to level cities, countries or raise entire races out of one drop of their blood.
They see creatures so cruel they can eradicate entire systems or creatures that create entire galaxies.
They see, hear and even witness such events, yet they still label them wrongly.
On most advanced civilizations, dragons are a true race, but beyond that, they are labeled as something very different.
They are on the same level as natural disasters or heavenly blessings.
Once a dragon goes mad, an entire country’s army, reserve force and hidden aces need to band together to slay it.
And even then, the losses are unimaginable.
Once a dragon decides to help a country, that country instantly becomes heavily favored by all the forces in that universe.
Are there any other races as highly favored as the dragons?
Yes, countless.
Are there any other races as strong as the dragons?
Of course, countless.
With cultivation, even a blade of common grass can achieve immortality, and the power to even slay a dragon.
Most races lack the determination of the dragons.
Dragonic pride, duty, greed, loyalty are characteristics used by many races as compliments or negative points.
You see, it’s possible to threaten most of the races, but not the dragon race.
They would wage war on entire civilizations just because one egg went missing.
No matter how many adult dragons would die in the war, if they can, they will save their dragonlings.
There is no such thing as “bigger picture” in the draconic culture.
There is the dragon race’s pride, and each individual’s desire, that’s it.
Evil dragons that went mad?
They are simply labeled black sheep by the race and that’s it.
Holy Dragons supporting countless civilizations?
Good for them, it is good for the market, but that’s it.
They are united as a race, yet completely individualistic most of the time.
If one dragon is finding trouble, that dragon shall deal with it.
But by any chance, the dragon’s pride is insulted?
Feel free to do whatever you want afterwards, because you don’t how much time left…
For they are like Natural disasters or Heavenly blessings…
They come from nowhere, they can’t be stopped, and they always reach their target…one way or another.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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