Reawakening ancient times

Legends of untold proportions, and unbelievable sights and events, circulated ever since humans, gathered together around a fire.
Amongst the legends that most researches supported was one related to mountains.
That not all mountains are earth’s risen up crust, but some of them are ancient remains of unknown beasts.
This hypothesis was supported by the fact that the composition of certain mountains was different than that of Earth’s crust.
Iron, different types of proteins, different types of ores and many more were found directly in the dust on the surface of these mountains as residues.
Composition of the ground shouldn’t be like that, and since the legends talked about beasts eating ores, mountains and drinking magma to strengthen their bodies, it’s totally believable that their remains will contain such elements.
People were eager to know the truth.
But they weren’t aware of the severity of the consequences.
A little over a decade after an era of peace started, dark clouds gathered, and a storm was about to be unleashed.
A 100 day rain started all over the world, be it a forest, mountainous area, desert, plain or tundra, it rained all over.
The rain was totally harmless for living beings, or so it seemed, but the environment changed drastically.
Lakes, rivers and forests started to turn different colors.
Green, red, yellow and purple were the widespread colors, but others appeared as well.
Mountains peeled off, dirt, grass and impurities, revealing skeletons of colors of grey, red, black and blue.
The air turned fresher, better, richer.
Everything was changing.
When the rain stopped, the Earth wasn’t the same as when it started.
Both flora and fauna started to change, so did we, humans.
And the Earth itself was…wrong.
Water levels increased, yet no coasts were flooded…
Journeys of hours became journeys of days, and it was seemingly the impossible but…
But Earth has grown in size…
Nobody knew how it could happen.
Or how it could happen without disastrous consequences…
But it happened…
And soon, a few weeks after the rain ended, satellites started malfunctioning.
Electricity became unusable, and cars and machines in general started to fail.
But we started to get healthier and stronger.
Even those with one last breath, became better, healthy once more.
Everything seemed balanced…too balanced.
We got stronger, healthier and smarter…
But so did the animals, insects and even plants…
It was weird, and dangerous, but it was soon accepted.
It was pointless to deny the fact, that the ancient times reawakened, and now, we had to fight once more become the top of the food chain…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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