Nothing changed

Well, life happened and a classmate of mine murdered me.
Was it intentional, or just a mistake whilst being blinded by emotions?
I don’t know.
All I know, that she hit me in the back of my head, and then threw me down the stairs.
You know, the cliché murder you see in university/high school dramas.
And then, we add a spice of supernatural into it, and bam, I’ve come back as a ghost, boooo.
But, there was a catch.
Everybody could see me, I could interact with things, and others.
Other than being rather colder to touch, and being able to float, and phase through walls if I concentrated hard enough…nothing changed.
To the disbelief of my fellow classmate, and murderer, I attended school like nothing happened.
Shocks never stopping to come, the very next day after she killed me, we were assigned different seats, and I was her bench mate!
Oh, her expression!
It’s priceless.
I took a picture of it with my phone, got it confiscated for a week, and got detention for 2 days, but it was worth it!
Weeks passed, and the lass has started to lose weight, and was always pale when she saw me…
It was horrible for her.
Also, my corpse disappeared.
Don’t know where it went though.
How I know that this isn’t just a dream of dying, while waiting for something, or that this is my afterlife?
I don’t.
I feel things, touch, smell, taste and so on.
People behave as they should around me.
Like, I don’t understand all their behaviour, but that’s the norm.
My parents are worried because I am pale, and really cold, but nothing wrong comes up in the lab results. (which is weird.)
I also thought about this being a poetic justice, made possible by a higher entity, but you never know.
On the bright side, I met a few others ghosts, and I can see creatures as well that others can’t, so this really makes me hope, that all of this is real.
Although, I really am not the vengeful kind of human, ghost? Well, you get it.
So, I scheduled a meeting with the classmate who killed me.
Days passed, and I was in the school library, waiting for my murderer.
I really enjoyed this situation, don’t ask me why, I simply did.
“I am here.”
A voice said.
Turning back, I could see her, my classmate.
She was tall, gloomy, with fiery red hair.
“Sup! Come sit down, this might take some time, so don’t tire yourself.
You looking quite…ghostly.”
I said chuckling.
She frowned.
“Oh come on, take the joke.
It’s me who’s dead, not you.”
I said.
She flinched.
She fidgeted around.
“I…I…I…I am sorry.”
She whispered.
“Apologies accepted.
But, I am really curious, why were you so moody and uncontrollable that day?
Was it that day for you?”
I asked.
She frowned again, but then sighed.
“I…I had been…I had been bullied in the locker room by the other girls…
So, when I was up there, I was trying to go to the roof so I can relax.
When you came up, trying to chat with me, you annoyed me.
Then you said: “Don’t be so gloomy, Gloom-gloom”, and turned around.
My mind went blank…and I hit you with a book…
And the rest…you know the rest.”
She said, quietly.
“Was the book a good one?
I don’t want my murder weapon to be a below-average novel.”
I said.
At this, she giggled.
“Hah! Got you to laugh!
My win.”
I said, puffy my chest.
“How are you this…
I killed you…”
She whispered.
“Nah, I saw my corpse, when I first became a ghost, then it disappeared.
There is something weird going on by I don’t care.
My life philosophy is simple.
I handle things as they come.
Now, I am enjoying some ghost-life, especially since I am pretty sure I saw a 2-tailed nekomata yesterday.”
I said.
“You are too good to me…
You should hate me, haunt me!”
She said, almost too loud, thankfully the library was mostly empty.
“Why though?
You hate yourself enough for the both of us.
So I am balancing this, by treating you nicely.”
I said, suddenly patting her head.
She froze.
“You are a weirdo.”
She said, and left.
I shrugged.
“nothing changed, then.”
I said.
“Nothing changed indeed…”
I murmured, watching a shadow slither across the bookshelves…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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